Kevin Purcell

5 Best Chromebooks of 2016

The Chromebooks that came out in 2016 mostly continued the trends of going to touchscreens and ARM processors or adding more power. Prices rose a little, but we...

ZTYLUS Apple Pencil Case Review

The ZTYLUS Apple Pencil Case solves the most glaring weakness of Apple's stylus. Most Apple Pencil users love the stylus, but don't love the lack of a solution ...

Kevin Purcell

Kevin loves notebooks, tablets, gadgets and photography. He grew up with computers starting out on a Vic 20 and Commodore 64. The first computer he owned himself was an 8086 Compaq Deskpro. His foray into tablet computing began when he bought a Samsung Q1 Ultra. The smartphone market opened up for him with his Palm Treo 600.