How to Watch the 2013 OSCARS on the iPhone and iPad

Backstage Pass

*+-The 2013 OSCARS will be held on Sunday at 7PM Eastern and those who cannot tune in on their televisions can see all of the action on the OSCARS mobile app from their iPhone or iPad. This year’s OSCARS will be the 85th occurrence of the event and the host will be Seth MacFarlane. Some of the […]

How to Set Up iTunes Home Sharing: Stream to the iPhone and iPad

Turn Off Home Sharing (Mac)

*+-For many users their iTunes library is probably larger than the amount of storage they have on their device. Between large movie files and vast amounts of music, the ability to have all of that content on your iPhone or iPad is handy. Luckily Apple has the Home Sharing feature to allow just that. The […]

5 iPhone Budget Apps for College Students

Moneystrands iPhone app

*+-For most college students this is not just their first time away from home, but also their first experience with managing their finances. It is no secret that the average college student is broke, so it becomes even more important to be careful about spending. Unfortunately college is expensive and I’m not just talking about […]

Geeky iPhone 5 Cases

IT Crowd iPhone 5 Case

*+-Geeky iPhone 5 cases offer a fun way to express your love for Star Wars, Star Trek and almost any other tribe of fans. iPhone cases come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Many of them are fun cases. It can be a good way to express your personality. For users who want to go […]

5 iPhone Apps to Help You Keep Organized at College


*+-For those currently enrolled in college, organization is a key to success. From projects, to daily homework and other assignments, keeping it all in order is somewhat of a challenge. While the traditional method of organization with binders and tabs works to some degree, digital organization is very important in college. A lot of information […]

How to Stop iTunes from Always Opening When iPhone is Plugged In

Select iTunes

*+-With iOS 6, the iPhone is no longer completely tied down to iTunes, but many users continue to plug their phone in throughout the day. A common annoyance with iTunes is that when a user plugs in their iPhone, it automatically pops up. For those who use their computer to charge their phone throughout the […]

How to Close Apps on an iPhone

Tap & Hold

*+-The iPhone has had the ability to multitask ever since iOS 4. One of the problems with multi-tasking is that the phone doesn’t close apps when the user is finished with them, and closing apps is useful when a specific app is not working. By closing the app and reopening it, most of the time […]

How to Watch the 2013 GRAMMYs on the iPhone and iPad


*+-The 2013 GRAMMYs kick off on Sunday at 8PM Eastern and users who can’t watch the 55th GRAMMY Awards at home can use the GRAMMY iPhone and iPad app to watch LL Cool J host the awards show. Some of the main performers at the 2013 GRAMMY Awards will be Mumford & Sons, Bruno Mars, […]

How to Automatically Lock and Unlock a Mac With an iPhone

Tap App Store

*+-Keeping a mobile device secure is something many worry about. But if you have an iPhone or iPad, the security of any Mac can be increased when paired with the Keycard app. The way that the Keycard app works is that the iPhone or iPad is connected to the Mac computer over Bluetooth. When the […]

How to Save Money on Your Verizon Bill

VZW Logo

*+-Smartphones are fast becoming the default type of phone for consumers. While they are great for a lot of things, the cost that is associated with them definitely is not. While the cost of owning a smartphone is starting to get rolled into a normal wireless plan cost, those who have not changed their plan […]

How to Use the iPhone’s Camera Flash for Calls and Alerts

LED Enabled

*+-For many, iPhone notifications is one of the most important features on their phone. From differing sounds to custom vibration patterns, notifications keep you in the loop when a new iMessage, phone call or other app requires attention. The iPhone also is capable of another type of notification that uses the camera’s LED flash. By enabling the […]

How to Send a Valentine’s Day Card from the iPhone

Choose Card Type

*+-A new iPhone app makes it possible to send a real Valentine’s Day card from the iPhone, through the mail and into the hands of your Valentine. With Valentine’s day just around the corner many people are beginning to think of what they will be getting for their special someone. While chocolate and jewelry are always great […]

How to Set Up Multiple Reminders Lists on iPhone

Create New List

*+-The iPhone is a great companion for many tasks, but one area that has not previously been up to par is using it for reminders. Luckily the Reminders app helps keep users up to date with to do lists, and other miscellaneous reminders. There are a lot of apps in the app store that offer a solution […]

How To Use Find My Friends to Simplify a Group Trip

Invite Friends

*+-Find My Friends is a great app for keeping track of friends and family, but another great use is to collaborate with a group. Travel has always been difficult especially in groups and with Find My Friends it helps to simplify the chaos. Some of the major things that the app can help with is locating group […]

How to Set Up iMessage on iPhone and iPad

Slide iMessage ON

*+-iMessage has changed the way that many people communicate with their family and friends on a daily basis. With iMessage being available on any device, it makes it even more convenient to use. Since iMessage is synced with a user’s iCloud account, the messages that are sent to any device can be replied to and […]

How to Setup VIP Mail in iOS 6

Tap Mail

*+-VIP mail is a new iOS 6 feature that provides custom alerts and a special inbox for emails from contacts you pick. This feature is similar to Gmail priority inbox, but for the built-in mail application. A good use of VIP Mail would be for receiving custom notifications when an employer, family member or professor […]

How to Set Custom Reply Messages on the iPhone in IOS 6

Tap Settings

*+-With the iPhone running on iOS 6, one of the popular new features is the ability to send a text message to someone calling you at a bad time. This is great to reply to contacts during a meeting, special event or if the user simply just doesn’t feel like talking on the phone. There […]

How to Give Your Kids an iTunes Allowance

Select iTunes

*+-Setting up an iTunes allowance is a great idea for a family who has kids with iPods and other Apple devices. An iTunes allowance works by allowing a certain amount of money to be available on an Apple ID at the start of each month. This money can then be spent on apps, music, or other content […]

HP U160 Mobile Monitor Makes Dual Screen Mobile Computing Affordable


*+-HP announced a new mobile monitor at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. A 15.6″ monitor that connects to a user’s laptop over USB, the U160 is only 1.02″ thin, impressive for a mobile monitor. It brings a new option for those looking to get some serious work done while mobile. For a lot of business users, traveling with […]

How to Share a Calendar with the iPhone

Apple ID

*+-Sharing a calendar that is synced with an iPhone can be an extremely helpful tool. Many users have their main iPhone calendar stored on their iPhone or other Apple device, and are unable to share it with friends, family or coworkers. By using iCloud it can be set up so that events are always viewable […]