Why You Should Forget the iPhone 6


Apple is going to release a new iPhone 6! No, wait. There may be two of them! Or three! Who cares. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is a hot new competitor! And then there’s the Galaxy Note 4! They will really be hot sellers. Pffft. Oh, and Microsoft with new Windows Phone 8.1 devices! And Google’s next […]

Tech Companies Work Together to Pressure Congress on NSA Snooping

One year ago today news of the NSA leaks from Edward Snowden starting filtering into our conscious as they slowly crescendoed into a story that impacted anyone who picks up a smartphone, a tablet, or any device connected via the Internet. Whether you’re one of the cynical set that thinks Snowden simply revealed the kind […]

Sprint and T-Mobile Agree on Merger Terms


It isn’t a deal yet, but if reports are accurate the insatiable appetite that Sprint has for acquiring T-Mobile might actually get sated. According to the Wall St. Journal the two companies have agreed tentatively on the merger terms, with a deal to be possibly announced later this summer after more work is done. If a […]

Your iPhone May Be Making You Fatter


It’s June. And those in the Northern Hemisphere are getting ready to officially greet summer this month. Some of those folks are hopeful that the excercising they’ve been doing has helped them shed winter weight and put them in trim for summer fun on the beach. Perhaps they’ve been monitoring progress on their mobile wearable […]

Apple Bumps Google in Favor of Bing for Spotlight Search


At the 2014 World Wide Developer Conference keynote Apple delivered a lot of information. One key announcement focused the bright lights on new Spotlight search features that illuminated some interesting mystery. As is typical of these events Apple explains some things from the stage but also raises questions about features and functionality that are left […]

Apple Plays the Privacy Card to Swipe At Google at WWDC

Apple_-_Apple_Events_-_Special_Event_June_2014 4

Since the dawn of the iPhone (and even before) Apple has always taken security and privacy seriously. So much so that it has repeatedly stated that protecting your data on its devices is one of the main reasons it sandboxes Apps from each other. Whether that bad behavior is just from a misbehaving App or […]

Continuity & iCloud: Apple Finally Connects Devices But Will it Work?


The history of Apple, the Cloud and connecting between devices has never been blue skies. It’s not even pretty, puffy clouds floating in a blue sky. Instead it’s been a hazy history of fits and starts that have generated the cliché that Apple doesn’t get the Cloud or interoperability between devices. After today’s World Wide Developers […]

iOS 8 Concept Shows How Far Apple Could Go, But Won’t

By last count we’ve seen approximately 5000 iOS 8 concepts, give or take a few hopes and dreams. With the World Wide Developers Conference kicking off tomorrow in San Francisco, this spate of concepts will, like all others that preceded it, come to an end. Focus will shift to what the believed beta release of […]

How to Sell Your iPhone for the Best Price: RecomHub


It’s getting to be that time again. You know, that time where Apple is gearing up for a new iPhone and consumers everywhere are wondering how they are going to afford the latest and greatest smartphone that Cupertino is hoping will take over the world. While Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) kicks off next […]

Apple Changes its Tune By Finally Acquiring Beats


Apple claims that music is in its DNA and after announcing the acquisition of Beats Music and Electronics it might actually get a little new blood pumping through what many believe are tired veins to match that genetic makeup. Apple and Beats Music finally pulled the trigger on a deal today acquiring Dr. Dre’s Beats Music […]

Apple Denies iCloud Breach in Australian Hack and Ransom Attack


Yesterday some Australian and New Zealand iCloud device users woke up to disturbing messages from Find My iPhone warning that their phones were hacked and they needed to pay a ransom of $50 to $100 to restore access. Without official word from Apple some speculation centered on the possibility of an iCloud compromise. That speculation […]

Apple’s Your Verse: Sounds for Those Who Hear and Those Who Don’t

Apple_-_iPad_-_Exploring_a_world_without_limits_ 2

Aspirational advertising from Apple is something we’re all accustomed to. In many ways, Apple’s approach to that type of advertising continues to propel interest from different segments of the consumer market. And, it continues the love affair that has long existed between creative types and Apple products. Apple’s Your Verse campaign, in which it shows […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 ExpectMore Commercials Yield Lower Expectations

Hilarious_Galaxy_S5_‘Expect_More’_ads___BGR 3

Like it or not, mobile gadget advertising has sometimes become as important as the features on the gadget itself. So much so that we’d all be puzzled if there wasn’t a new campaign for each new device telling us what to think. And what’s a new smartphone without a series of commercials to define the device […]

How to View Apple WWDC 2014 Keynote Live


Apple watchers and developers are eagerly awaiting the beginning of this year’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) that kicks off next week on Monday, June 2 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. We’re expecting to hear much about Apple’s latest operating systems for the Mac and for iOS, and there is alway anticipation that […]

iPhones, iPads, and Macs Hacked and Hijacked for Ransom in Australia


Today Apple device users Down Under are dealing with a serious hacking issue that looks to be tied to iCloud, Find my iPhone, and password reuse. A number of Australian and New Zealand iPhone, iPad, and Mac users are reporting that they were awakened by or noticed an alert from Find My iPhone that delivered […]

Google’s Project Tango Tablet: 3D Mapping of the Creepy Line


Advanced vision, 3D cameras and displays, Google Glass, virtual reality: the tech world seems obsessed with viewing a future that is all about what we see through lenses and sensors these days. The technology behind these innovations is very impressive and continues to bring the world of science fiction closer to reality. But are there […]

Microsoft Creates Tablet Confusion. This Time for a Reason


As I watched Microsoft’s Panos Panay introduce the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 on May 20th with a very aggressive Glenn Greenwaldesque defensive tone, I messaged an old friend and said “countdown to countless blog posts about defining a tablet begins now.” Truer words were never sent over a data connection. Those posts have started […]