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14 New macOS High Sierra Features Worth Upgrading For



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Take a Live Photo in FaceTime

Take a Live Photo in FaceTime

Do your friends do crazy things while on FaceTime with you? Or does your kid make the curtest faces while on FaceTime calls with you? 

Now you don't need to try and take a screenshot, you can click on the Shutter in FaceTime and record a Live Photo of the person or the scene. This is easy to do and built-in to FaceTime on macOS High Sierra and iOS 11. 

We love that this captures a few seconds before and after the moment you click the shutter, so you can make sure you get that perfect moment. 

The other person will know that you've taken a Live Photo, so you can't use this to take a sneaky photo of someone on FaceTime. 

14 / 14

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