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14 New macOS High Sierra Features Worth Upgrading For



Supercharged Safari

Supercharged Safari

Apple is upgrading Safari with new features that will help you browse the web without annoying interruptions and promising great performance and battery life as well. 

In Safari the browser will identify ads and other online tracking and then remove the data that lets ads follow you across the web so that you won't see ads for things you just searched for. 

Safari now stops Autoplay videos on websites so that you don't have to find the stop button or be annoyed with blaring audio. You can approve a site if you like the autoplay videos they offer. New options also let you configure the Reader mode to always be on or to zoom in on a website every time you visit. 

According to tests, the Safari browser in macOS High Sierra is faster than Chrome and FireFox on a Mac and will deliver better battery life than both of them on your Mac. 

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