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New Apple TV: 5 Reasons to Wait & 3 Not to



There are some important reasons to wait for the 2017 Apple TV release date before you buy a new Apple TV. We’ll help you understand what you need to know about buying an Apple TV now, or waiting for a 4k Apple TV 5 release date this fall. This will cover the reasons it is worth waiting for the new Apple TV, and the reasons you should buy one today.

The Apple TV 4 on sale now is a major upgrade from older models with apps, games and more storage. It’s a major refinement of how you use your TV to watch movies, TV shows, play games and even interact with Siri and your smarthome, but it’s missing a few key things in 2017.

Apple didn’t confirm a 2017 Apple TV for 2017 with 4K and HDR support, but a leak directly from Apple does outline a new Apple TV with 4K HDR support and Apple is actively negotiating prices for 4K movie rentals with movie studios.

This all suggests that the 2017 Apple TV release date is very close. We’ve been seeing glimpses of what Apple has planned for a new Apple TV with the latest tvOS update coming this fall, and you can expect to see more on stage in September.

Here are the reasons you should wait for the new Apple TV release date before buying.

Here are the reasons you should wait for the new Apple TV release date before buying.

Even though Apple is doing all it can to keep the 2017 Apple TV features, specs and details under wraps, we know quite a bit about what you can expect and how that impacts if you should wait for the new Apple TV or buy the current model.

  • Wait for 4K & HDR
  • Wait for the September Apple Event
  • Wait If You Plan to Play Apple TV Games
  • Wait to Future Proof Your Smart TV
  • Wait for Deals on Current Apple TV
  • Don’t Wait if You Don’t have a 4K TV
  • Don’t Wait for a Cheaper New Apple TV
  • Don’t Wait if Pricey Movies Annoys You

It’s easy to wait forever for a new product, but we are very close to the new Apple TV release date, and you should consider waiting until Apple makes this announcement, even if you plan to buy the version they sell right now. With an Apple Event all but confirmed for September, and a release is likely coming in just a few weeks after Tim Cook takes the stage.

Wait for 4K & HDR

Wait for 4K & HDR

While there will be other software and hardware features, the biggest reason to wait for the new Apple TV release date is that this will finally deliver a 4K Apple TV, and it will also support HDR.

The current Apple TV only supports 1080P videos, and doesn't support HDR. 4K content comes at a higher resolution and looks stunning on 4K TVs. While some users won't see as much of a difference as when they upgraded to HD, there is another benefit. 

HDR or High Dynamic Range is listed in leaked files from Apple, which suggests we will see HDR support as well. You will need a 4K HDR TV or 4K HDR projector for this to work, but the results are amazing. You'll see richer, more vibrant colors in your movies that breathe new life into favorites. 

Even if you don't see the 4K upgrade, you'll definitely see the enhanced visuals that HDR delivers. If you love movies, wait for the 4K Apple TV with HDR support. 




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