Watch The Rock’s Insane New Siri Ad

The Rock is in a crazy long new Siri commercial titled Dominate the Day. In this Rock X Siri ad, we see The Rock use Siri through a long day in the life of Duane Johnson. You may have seen part of it on TV, but now you can see the rest of The Rock’s Siri ad.

Unlike most Siri ads that only last 30 seconds or less, the new Dwayne The Rock Johnson Siri ad lasts nearly four minutes, so you won’t be able to see it all on TV. The Rock is clearly using our Siri tips and tricks to get more done in his busy day, and so can you.

Here’s a list of the Siri features The Rock uses in his new Siri ad;

  1. Hey Siri Read my Schedule
  2. Hey Siri Show me my Life Goals List
  3. Hey Siri Get my a Lyft Ride
  4. Hey Siri What’s the Temperature in Rome
  5. Hey Siri Read me my last email.
  6. Hey Siri Show me Photos of My Fashion Line
  7. Hey Siri Text Someone
  8. Hey Siri How many ounces in a Centiliter
  9. Hey Siri Play my Practice playlist
  10. Hey Siri FaceTime Duane (his assistant)
  11. Hey Siri Take a Selfie
  12. Hey Siri Create a New List
How to use Siri like The Rock.
How to use Siri like The Rock.

While your day may not be as jam packed as The Rock’s, you can still take advantage of these Siri features to streamline what you can get done while on the go. If you have the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, you can use Hey Siri without it being plugged in. You can train Siri to recognize your voice so that Hey Siri only responds to your voice.

Go to Settings -> Siri -> Allow Hey Siri and then if prompted, train Siri to recognize your voice. This is something that you set up when you turn on your new iPhone, but if you skipped it, this will let you get back up to speed.

This gets you up to speed on the new Siri features in iOS 10, but there are even more Siri features coming in iOS 11 this fall. If The Rock was running the iOS 11 beta, he could also use Siri to translate a message, send someone money with Apple Pay and more.

iOS 11 vs iOS 10: What’s New in iOS 11

iOS 11 iMessage Upgrades

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iOS 11 iMessage Upgrades

iMessages continue to be one of the biggest iPhone and iPad features that Apple offers. In fact, it's a major reason we don't switch from the iPhone to Android. Apple ramps up the options in the iOS 11 update with tweaks and new features for iMessages. 

There is a new iMessage App Drawer so that it is easier to find the apps you want while you are in an iMessage conversation. This means you can use the iMessage apps to send stickers and other short bits of information to people faster on iOS 11. 

Apple also now offers Messages in iCloud. This allows you to keep all of your iMessage and Text conversations in sync across your devices using iCloud. This also means that if you delete a conversation it is deleted across all devices. This will also help keep large message thread storage in check without the need to delete threads all the time. 


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