Microsoft Giving Office 365 Away for Free to iPad Users This Weekend


*+-Microsoft, as expected, finally unveiled Office for iPad today. Actually there is no Microsoft Office for the iPad. There is Word for the iPad, Excel for the iPad, and Powerpoint for the iPad as three distinct Apps, unlike the existing Office Mobile versions for the iPhone and Android smartphones. Regardless of whether or not Microsoft […]

Microsoft Office for the iPad To Debut March 27


*+-Sources are telling the Verge that the long awaited, possibly already dated, debut for Microsoft Office for the iPad will happen on March 27. Satya Nadella is making his first foray in front of the media as the new Microsoft CEO on that date to unveil the direction he sees Microsoft heading with his “mobile […]

Spying on Your Spouse and Kids Now Possible with mSpy


*+-Say you want to keep watch over your kid’s activities when he or she is out or about. Say you want to spy on your spouse. Say you want to monitor your employees to make sure they are doing their job and not using their company supplied smartphone for other activities. Well, we all know […]

Another iOS Security Flaw Raises Its Ugly Head

iPhone 5s

*+-Security. Mobile. Those two words make an odd and disconcerting couple these days. But mobile security flaws rear their ugly heads more frequently these days. In a report from the CanSecWest conference in Vancouver, CNET is reporting that a security researcher has delivered a presentation that highlights a serious kernel level security flaw in iOS […]

How To Bring Button Shapes Back to iOS 7 Controls


*+-With iOS 7 Apple unveiled a new look and feel to its mobile operating system. Some, including myself, weren’t all that enamored of the new “flatter” look. Part of that is simple aesthetics and personal preference. Part of that has to do with providing appropriate clues in the user interface so that users can find […]

Microsoft and Google Kill Asus Dual-Mode Transformer Book Duet


*+-Cross breeding is a tricky and dangerous game when it comes to mammals and plants. Some think it is voodoo science. Apparently Microsoft and Google think the same thing applies to gadgets and have soured on mixing their respective operating systems into one device that can run both. At CES 2014 Asus unveiled the latest […]

How to Get Another Year of Amazon Prime for $79


*+-All due credit to Lifehacker for this publishing this tip from Slickdeals. As most already know Amazon raised the price of its Amazon Prime service today from $79 to $99 per year. The $20 bump has some saying its too much, and some saying that even with the price increase it is more than worth […]

Microsoft Announces Discounted Office 365 Personal Version


*+-While iPad users wait patiently to get any “real work” done on an iPad until Microsoft finally releases a version of Office for the iPad, there is an announcement that might quicken the pulse of those who just can’t get by without their Microsoft Office applications. Microsoft has announced Office 365 Personal, a new software […]

Target Knew of Data Breach Earlier Than Reported


*+-This is unsettling news but at the same time sadly unexpected. According to a report from BusinessWeek, officials at Target knew about the data breach that led to consumer credit card data being stolen during the most recent holiday shopping season earlier than Target has stated. If true, than it appears that the theft of […]

Reports: OneNote Coming to the Mac for Free


*+-Perhaps this is a sign of the changing regime at Microsoft. Perhaps it is just change. Either way, if the reports are true that Microsoft is going to release a free version of OneNote for the Mac it should be a win-win for users and for Microsoft. Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley and the Verge […]

Judge Says Let There Be Commercial Drones


*+-Are you ready for drones buzzing over your head delivering packages, pizza and beer? Depending on how the government regulators and courts eventually decide that might just be in our future. A National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) judge has ruled that commercial drones are indeed legal to fly our friendly skies, which strikes down an […]

Microsoft Inadvertently Leaks Windows 8.1 Update 1


*+-We’ve been talking about the upcoming Windows 8.1 Update 1 for Windows 8.1for quite some time now. We’ve seen lots of leaked features and we’ve heard the rationale that Microsoft wants to try and appease skeptical desktop users who don’t want to go all in with the touch centric approach that debuted with Windows 8. Unofficial […]

If Apple Creates Interstitial Video Ads Who Pays for the Bandwidth?


*+-A report from Ad Age circulated yesterday that Apple is working on a system to allow full screen interstitial video ads to auto-play on iOS. We’ve heard this before. The idea is that a video ad would roll during a game transition or at the beginning or conclusion of reading an article. It will happen. […]

Will New Security and Unlock Measures Lead to Passwords in Your Will?


*+-Interesting story that should leave us all with something to think about. A woman purchased an iPad while she was undergoing cancer treatment. She later passed away and bequeathed the iPad to one of her five sons. Her son discovered that he didn’t have his mother’s password or Apple ID so he couldn’t unlock the […]

Evernote Digital Inking for Android App Now Out of Beta

2014-03-06 05.10.25

*+-Awhile back we reported that Evernote was going to bring digital inking back as a feature, at least in the Android version of the App. We also tested out the Beta and gave a short report on the features back then. Well, now Evernote digital inking is out of Beta and available in an updated […]

Flipping and Recommending: Flipboard Buys Zite from CNN


*+-The iPad was supposed to usher in a new age of journalism, publishing, and other ways to get news-like content into our grubby little hands and advertising money into the grubby little hands of the publishers. In some small ways it has succeeded, but if there is a new age it looks much like the […]

Comcast Will Turn Your Chicago Home into a Public WiFi Hotspot


*+-Sometimes finding a WiFi signal to log onto seems like a breath of fresh air. If Comcast has its way those living in Chicago and searching for a signal will be breathing a little easier, courtesy of those who have Comcast service in their homes. Comcast has begun rolling out a neighborhood hotspot initiative using […]

No Hack But Twitter Error Asks for Password Resets


*+-Last night or this morning if you tried to login to Twitter and had to change your password, or received one of those scary emails telling you to rest your password you are not alone. The good news is that Twitter wasn’t hacked or compromised. A system error, according to the folks behind Twitter, inadvertently […]

Still Clinging to Windows XP? Get Ready for Pop-ups


*+-We’ve reported on the impending shut down of support for those still running Windows XP. The end date is near. April 8, 2014 will be the day Microsoft flips the switch and ceases to support the 12-year old operating system that is still clinging to life on some computers for a variety of reasons. Well, […]