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7 Things to Know About the iPhone XR iOS 13.2.3 Update



iPhone XR iOS 13.2.3 Update: What's New

iPhone XR iOS 13.2.3 Update: What's New

iOS 13.2.3 brings a short list of bug fixes to the iPhone XR and you can read more about them in our guide to the update

If you missed iOS 13.2.2, you get its fixes with your upgrade to iOS 13.2.3. For more on those, please see our walkthrough

If you skipped iOS 13.2, you get its changes with your iOS 13.2.3 update. 

Highlights from the iPhone XR iOS 13.2 update include 70+ new emojis for the keyboard, support for Apple's new AirPods, and HomeKit upgrades. For more on the iOS 13.2 update, please take a look at our guide

If you're moving your iPhone XR from iOS 13.1.2 to iOS 13.2.3, your update comes with iOS 13.1.3's bug fixes. You can read about the changes right here

If you're moving your phone from iOS 13.1.1 to iOS 13.2.3, your update has iOS 13.1.2's bug fixes baked in. You can read about them in our guide.

If your iPhone XR is running iOS 13.1, you get iOS 13.1.1's fixes too. You can learn more about those here in our guide

If you're moving up from iOS 13.0 to iOS 13.2.3, you get iOS 13.1's features and some additional bug fixes with your upgrade. 

Highlights from the iOS 13.1 update include design updates for emojis, Share ETA, expanded audio sharing, and a tweaked volume indicator. For more on iOS 13.1 and its features, have a look at our guide.

As for iOS 13 itself, it's a big time upgrade for the iPhone XR. It brings a long list of features, enhancements, and performance improvements. 

Highlights from Apple's new operating system include Dark Mode, a new swipe keyboard, improvements to Siri, upgrades to Memoji, and more. 

If you are still running iOS 12, you'll want to check out our iOS 13 walkthrough. It'll take you through the key differences between iOS 13 and iOS 12. 

If you haven't kept up with iOS 12 updates, you get the features and fixes from any updates you skipped with your iOS 13.2.3 update. 

If you're unfamiliar with the latest changes to iOS 12, take a look at our walkthrough

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