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Destiny 2 Classes: Which Class Should You Choose?



If you’re planning to really enjoy Destiny 2, then you should learn about Destiny 2 classes. Next to deciding which edition of Destiny 2 to buy, choosing the right class is the most important decision you make as you begin the game.

Destiny 2 is a shooter game, but it uses mechanics that role-playing games do. That includes the class system. Your character’s class determines what abilities and special moves they can do. It also determines what subclasses your Destiny 2 character can specialize in.

You can effortlessly switch a character class in most online shooters, but Destiny 2 classes are permanent. You must create a new character each time you want to try a new class, and Destiny 2 has over 100 hours of content. That’s why finding the right class before you start the game is important.

Here’s your guide to Destiny 2 classes. Use this breakdown to decide what kind of Guardian you will create in the game.

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Destiny 2 Classes

Destiny 2 changes a lot of things from the original game, but the nature of classes isn’t one of them. Again, classes decide your character’s abilities, fighting style and subclasses. They also decide your Guardian’s stamina and other stats.

Titan, Warlock and Hunter are the three Destiny 2 classes that you can choose from. Each class is based on a character type you would find in any other online game that has character customization.

Titans have lots of armor, making them the traditional tank class. They take the brunt of any damage that a fire team gets, and they defend themselves with a melee punch that deals a lot of damage. All Titans have a booster that lets them jump long distances in a straight line.

Warlocks have magical abilities that deal a lot of damage from a safer distance than Titans do. This is also why they’re the most vulnerable to attack. Warlocks can hover in midair.

Finally, there are Hunters. Hunters aren’t as well-armored as Titans, but they do have more armor than Warlocks. They can kill things from far away, and they stab enemies with knives as a melee attack. Hunters jump in midair to quickly avoid an attack.

Destiny 2 will launch only with these three main classes, but Bungie could add more in one of the Destiny 2 DLC expansions it has planned.

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Class Skills

Class skills are another opportunity for you to differentiate yourself from your other team members. As with jumping and melee, each class type has an exclusive class ability. These abilities are customizable.

Titans can hold off enemies with the Barrier ability, creating cover wherever they need to. This is very handy when a team gets pinned down with no cover.

The Warlock class skill is called Rift. It heals everyone, which fits in well with the Warlock class’s support role.

Finally, the Hunter class skill, Dodge, lets you reload as you move away from an enemy.

Subclasses for Destiny 2 Classes

Subclasses allow you to further customize your Guardian to your playstyle. There are nine in all, and you can only use the subclass that’s available for the class you’ve already chosen. Don’t feel pressured to choose the right subclass. Unlike with Destiny 2 classes, you can change subclasses after you create your character.

In addition to active abilities, you can choose from two different skill trees that improve their Guardian’s performance in some situations. Watch the video included with each to learn more about their passive skill trees.

Titan Subclasses

Titan players can choose from Striker, Sentinel and Sunbreaker.


The Striker gets a pulse grenade, Flashbang Grenade and lightning grenade. Also, they can jump higher and have increased momentum. Their passive skill tree includes Aftermath, Frontal Assault, Fist of Havoc, Reveal, Aerial Strike and Shoulder Charge.


The Sentinel subclass has a shield to melee enemies with. If you aim this shield just right, you can hit more than one enemy with one throw. The Magnetic Grenade, Suppressor Grenade and the Voidwall Grenade are at Sentinel Titan’s disposal. Passive skill trees for this subclass include Ward of Dawn, Turn the Tide, Rallying Force, Defensive Strike, In the Trenches, Second Shield, Shield Bash and Superior Arsenal.


Finally, there’s the Sunbreaker Titan subclass. Sunbreakers throw a hammer that gets its power from the Sun. They use the Incendiary Grenade, Thermite Grenade and Fusion Grenade to deal damage too. The Sunbreaker’s skill tree includes Hammer Strike, Tempered Metal, Battle-Force, Vulcan’s Rage, Mortar Blast, Sun Warrior, Rings of Fire and Solar Siege.

Hunter Subclasses

The Hunter subclass includes Arcstrider, Gunslinger and Nightstalker.


Arcstiders have an Arc staff, Skip Grenades, Flux Grenades and the Arcbolt Grenade. Their passive tree skills include Combat Flow, Deadly Reach, Lethal Current, Shocking Blow, Disorienting Blow, Lightning Reflexes, Battle Mediation and Focused Breathing.


Gunslingers get a flaming pistol as their primary weapon. They also get Incendiary Grenades, Swarm Grenades and Trip Mine Grenades. The Gunslinger’s passive skill trees include Chains of Woe, Bombs for Bullseyes, Six-Shooter, Explosive Knight, Knife Juggler, Gunslinger’s Trade, Crowd-pleaser and Line ’em Up.


Nighstalkers get the Vortex Grenade, Spike Grenade and Voidwall Grenade. Also, their super is Shadowshot. Their passive skill trees include the Snare Bomb, Keen Scout, Deadfall, Vanishing Step, Vanish in Smoke, Lockdown, Heart of the Pack and Moebius Quiver.

Warlock Subclasses

The Warlock Subclasses are Dawnblade, Voidwalker and Stormcaller.


Dawnblade Warlocks use super called Solar Light to harness the Sun’s energy into a weapon. They also have Solar Grenades, Firebolt Grenades and Fusion Grenades. Their passive skill trees include Igniting Touch, Fated for the Flame, Everlasting Fire, Phoenix Dive, Heat Rises, Winged Sun, Icarus Dash and Swift Strike.


The Voidwalker subclass of Warlocks has Vortex Grenades, Axion Bolt and Scatter Grenades. Their super is the Nova Bomb. Devour, Feed the Void, Insatiable, Vortex, Entropic Pull, Cataclysm, Bloom and Chaos Accelerant are in the Voidwalker’s passive skill trees.


Finally, there’s the Stormcaller Warlock subclass. They have Arcbolt Grenades, Pulse Grenades and Storm Grenades. Their super is called Stormtrance. Both of their passive skill trees involve the weather, just like their super skill. These abilities include Chain Lightning, Transcendence, Arc Web, Ionic Blink, Gale Force, Landfall, Rising Storm and Arc Soul.

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Which Should You Choose?

Which of the Destiny 2 classes and subclasses you should choose for your character depends on your playstyle. Know your strengths and weaknesses, and choose a class that compliments them.

For example, if you really like combat from a safe distance, or sneaking up on unsuspecting enemies, the Hunter is better for you. Choose a Titan if you can handle taking a lot of damage. Warlocks are the game’s supporter class. If you choose a Warlock, you’re choosing to hang back while Titans and Hunters do their work. If you don’t, you will die quickly.

Once you’ve chosen a class, look into the grenades and abilities of each subclass. Remember, you can switch subclasses, so don’t feel pressured to choose the right subclass the first time. You may have to experiment with all three of your class’ subclass to find the combination that’s right for you.

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5 New Destiny 2 Features Worth Upgrading For

Destiny 2 Cinematic Story

Destiny 2 Cinematic Story

The most exciting of Destiny 2’s features are what Bungie is calling its “cinematic campaign.” That’s because the original Destiny arrived with an unorthodox single-player. The story wasn’t cohesive and didn’t dive into the game’s lore much. There were times when the story that was there seemed out-of-place.

Destiny 2 promises a real narrative. Nathan Fillion and Lance Reddick star in the game’s story. During the middle of a calm meeting, it slowly dawns on the command staff at Earth’s last remaining city that something is about to go wrong. Soon they’re bombarded by a huge garrison of battleships. The Red Legion wants the power of the Traveler Orb floating above the city for itself. Gamers can expect lots of cutscenes between tasks in the game’s campaign. The scenes Bungie has shown off so far feel more like a movie than a video game. They are better at conveying what’s going on than Destiny’s story.



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