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How to stop Facebook live notifications and as close as you can come to turning off Facebook live.

How to Turn Off Facebook Live

There are a million reasons to turn off Facebook Live notifications. Facebook currently sends alerts when someone you are friends with or follow on Facebook goe...
The best weight loss apps for 2016 work on iPhone, Android and other services like Xbox One, Windows Phone and more.

11 Best Weight Loss Apps for 2017

These are the best weight loss apps you can download to get in shape and lose weight by turning your iPhone or Android into a personal trainer and dietician wit...
Here are the best Budget apps for 2015.

13 Best Budget Apps for 2017

Download these best budget apps to help you save money, budget for upcoming expenses and also avoid the fees that come from overdraft or late fees. Finding a go...

Is the Samsung Galaxy S8 Safe?

"Is the Samsung Galaxy S8 safe?", "Can I fly with the Galaxy S8?" and "Will the Galaxy S8 explode?" are all common questions that we are hearing from potential ...

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Review

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is the most awarded SUV, and after spending a week in the luxurious 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit it's easy to understand why. The ...

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