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How to Collaborate in Notes in iOS 10



Here is a guide on how to share and collaborate with Notes in iOS 10. The Notes app is one of my most used applications due to its ease of quickly adding and saving information and also its ability to sync with iCloud.

There are times however when a note would be better served to be shared with a friend such as a shopping or chores list and with iOS 10 we are now able to quickly start collaborating on notes with friends and family.

How to Collaborate in Notes in iOS 10

Here are the steps in order to invite someone to collaborate in Notes with you.

Watch the above video to learn how to add a friend or family member to Notes.

Add People to Notes

When you create a new Note on your iPhone, you will now notice a Collaboration icon the top of the screen next to the Share icon and the Done text. Tapping this will allow you to Add People to this note and informs you that everyone will see the latest changes.


You can share this invitation through Messages, Mail, Twitter, Facebook and more by including your friend’s contact information. They will receive this invite and then be able to add your note to their Notes application where the two (or more) of you can collaborate on it.

Using Notes to Collaborate

After you have added your friends or family to the shared note, you are all able to make changes. It is important to note that you must take turns editing the note and that it will not update in real time. It will sync with the iCloud serve and save your changes yet it should be done one at a time.


As mentioned, a shopping list is an excellent example of a type of Note that would be great to collaborate on. You are able to create check boxes as a list within Notes and this is a great way for you and your friend to add and complete items on  your list.

These notes can be saved and modified for later use yet if you are finished, then you can tap to delete it. If you choose to delete the Note, you will get an alert regarding it also being removed from your friend’s device. This should be fine as long as the task has been completed and you both don’t need to use the note anymore.

This is yet another way to better communicate with our peers and family members and using the iPhone to collaborate furthers that experience. I frequently use Note collaboration for shopping lists and other various plans and activities and have found it very intuitive.

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