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How to Magnify Your iPhone Screen Temporarily



Here is a guide on how to magnify your iPhone screen temporarily. This is a feature that will utilize the Accessibility features of iOS and is a setting you can enable and disable at your will.

Apple’s Accessibility settings have been designed to include all users of the iPhone and many of its features can be used to simplify daily tasks. We have previously covered using your iPhone as a Magnifying Glass yet you can also temporarily zoom in on the screen to magnify what you are currently seeing.

How to Magnify Your iPhone Temporarily

Here are the steps to enable the zoom feature on your iPhone for quick screen magnification.

Watch the above video for more information on how to magnify your iPhone screen.

Enable and Use Zoom Setting

In order to get this feature started, you will want to access your iPhone’s Accessibility settings within the General Tab in Settings. There is a tab for Vision which will include the option to Zoom.

Tapping Zoom will bring you to the panel with more information on this feature including how to use your fingers to access Zoom with a new gesture. As with all Accessibility features, there are specific actions required to enable and disable them, usually involving the home button or some combination of multi-touch.


To enable zoom, double-tap three fingers on your screen and you will see the screen immediately zoom inwards. To navigate around your newly resized window, use your same three fingers to drag around the screen. You should see your iPhone follow your fingers’ motions as you can now see much better.


There is also an option to see Zoom Region as a Window Zoom. This is usually a preferred viewing method as you are able to control a much smaller portion of the screen and use one finger to drag the window around and read instead of the whole screen.

There are extra features in the Zoom settings to further assist you in viewing content better on your iPhone including Follow Focus, Smart Typing, Zoom Controller and Zoom Filters. There is also a Maximum Zoom Level slider so that you can choose how far in you would like your zoomed view to be.

Now when you are on a webpage or viewing a picture and want to get a closer look, you are able to go above and beyond just pinching to zoom in. With our new gesture of three finger double-tap, we can now zoom in even further and read what we need and then disable the feature until next needed.


Apple has done a great job of adding settings to accommodate all users of their iPhone and these vision features are one of the best examples.

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1 Comment

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