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iOS 11 Release & Time: 5 Things to Expect & 3 Things Not To



Don't Expect New Emojis in iOS 11.0

Don't Expect New Emojis in iOS 11.0

The Unicode Consortium recently released 56 brand new emoji characters. Apple's confirmed plans to bring them to the iPhone and iPad later this year but we'd be surprised if they make it into the update that rolls out on Tuesday. 

The Unicode 10.0 update includes Mage, Fairy, Coconut, Exploding Head, Hijab, Zombie, Elf, Genie, and Person in a Steamy Room. It also includes the highly anticipated "Colbert" emoji. 

While it would be great to see these emojis emerge in the first version of iOS 11, we're more likely to see them emerge inside of a milestone iOS 11 upgrade in late 2017. 

Last year, Apple used the iOS 10.2 update to deliver Unicode 9.0 support and 70+ new emoji characters to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The iOS 10.2 update arrived in mid-December.

If the company sticks to the same timing, and Apple rarely strays from protocol, we could see a milestone upgrade like iOS 11.1 or iOS 11.2 deliver Unicode 10's 50+ emoji to iPhone and iPad models capable of running iOS 11.

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