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iOS 11 Release & Time: 5 Things to Expect & 3 Things Not To



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Don't Expect a Fast iOS 11 Jailbreak

Don't Expect a Fast iOS 11 Jailbreak

We've seen a ton of fake iOS 11 jailbreak information emerge in the weeks since the iOS 11 beta's release but it looks like developers have cracked iOS 11. 

Jailbreak developers have reportedly jailbroken iOS 11 beta and a proof-of-concept has emerged out of the MOSEC (Mobile Security Conference) in China. 

This is great news but it doesn't mean we'll see a public tool released for the iOS 11 beta or the first version of iOS 11. In fact, we'd be immensely surprised if jailbreak developers released a tool for the iOS 11 beta now that we're this close.

We didn't get a jailbreak during the company's iOS 10 beta and it would be shocking to see a jailbreak wasted on early pre-release software. 

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