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iPhone 7 Release Date Buyers Guide



Everything you need to know about your iPhone 7 release date delivery and pickup.

Everything you need to know about your iPhone 7 release date delivery and pickup.

This iPhone 7 release date buyers guide will answer common questions about getting the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus on the first day with answers to, “When will my iPhone 7 arrive?”, “What time do I need to line up for the iPhone 7?” and ” When do I need to get to Apple for my iPhone 7 reservation.”

We’ll cover everything you need to know to make sure you get your iPhone 7 on day one, even if you need to pre-sign or change your pickup location. We’ll also do our best to help you understand just how fast your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus can get across the country from FedEx or UPS.

If you have a question about getting an iPhone 7 you pre-ordered or reserved, we have you covered. If you are planning to go line up for your iPhone 7 upgrade we have the answers you need to know and some tips to ensure success.

The iPhone 7 release date is September 16th, this Friday. Apple Stores and carrier stores open early at 8 AM in most locations to start selling the new iPhone to users.

Buyers can use some strategy to make sure they get the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus that they want on day one, and with a little luck avoid long lines or get an early iPhone 7 delivery from UPS.

Here’s a list of the most common iPhone 7 release date and iPhone 7 delivery questions and answers that buyers need to know.

When Will My iPhone 7 Arrive?

The iPhone 7 delivery time is not set in stone so it is tough to say exactly when your iPhone 7 delivery will arrive.

Normally UPS and FedEx will show an estimated delivery time or even a delivery window, but even with UPS My Choice there is no specific delivery window. That makes it tough to know when you need to be home so you can sign for your iPhone 7 delivery.

When will my iPhone 7 arrive? pio3 /

When will my iPhone 7 arrive? pio3 /

In our experience ordering new iPhones for delivery on the release date, the iPhone 7 will likely arrive about the same time as your normal UPS or FedEx deliveries.

Do I Need to Sign for the iPhone 7 Delivery?

In most cases you will need to sign for the iPhone 7 delivery. If you are not going to be home you can pre-sign for the delivery with Apple.

If someone will be home, they can sign for your iPhone 7 delivery even if you are not there, but if no one will be there you need to use the online form from Apple to pre-sign or you need to leave a signed note for your UPS or FedEx driver.

How to Pre-Sign for the iPhone 7 Delivery

If you will not be home, you can log in to your Apple account on a computer at the online Apple Store and pre-sign for your iPhone 7 delivery. This requires that you sign a form saying that you are responsible for loss or theft of the item once it is placed on your door.

Pre-sign for your iPhone 7 delivery if you won't be home.

Pre-sign for your iPhone 7 delivery if you won’t be home.

Once you sing into your Apple account you will see an option to pre-sign for delivery. Click on that and then agree to the terms. Print out and fill out the form. You will need to leave this at your door where the UPS delivery person can see it. You need to do this for every iPhone 7 coming to your door that day.

How Do I Track My iPhone 7 Delivery?

The easiest way is to log in to your account on Apple or check your email for an alert from the carrier or store your purchased from.

If your ordered from Apple and still don’t see a tracking number, use this trick to find your tracking number before Apple adds it to your account. It seems Apple does not show the tracking in your account until it is past the “import” stage with UPS.

Can I Pickup My iPhone 7 Shipment Early?

In most cases you cannot pick up your iPhone 7 shipment early. If you live near a UPS location that is open in the morning you may be able to change to a pickup at that location to go pick up your iPhone earlier than it would be delivered, but you cannot go get it Thursday night.

If you are a UPS My Choice Member you can choose to have UPS hold your package at a UPS Customer Center or UPS Access Point, but you may not be able to change the delivery address.

What you need to know about your iPhone 7 delivery. Ivan Cholakov /

What you need to know about your iPhone 7 delivery. Ivan Cholakov /

My iPhone 7 is Still Across the Country, Will I Get It?

We always hear from worried buyers who now have a tracking number, but they see that the iPhone 7 is sitting halfway across the country with only a day to go.

While we cannot monitor your shipment, we get enough packages to be on a first name basis with delivery drivers in our area and it is not uncommon to see a shipment go from Texas or Kentucky to our door overnight. UPS and FedEx are logistics companies that know how and when to move a package so that it gets to your door at the right time. Even if it seems impossible to get from point A to your door overnight, the final leg of a delivery can happen very fast.

What Time Should I Line Up on the iPhone 7 Release Day

This all depends where you live, what type of store you are going to and what phone you want.

Many times users have good luck going to a carrier store instead of an Apple Store, and especially to an out-of-the-way carrier store. Last year some users even walked in after work and bought the iPhone 6s with no line.

What buyers need to know about the iPhone 6s release date plans at Apple Stores. robert cicchetti /

What buyers need to know about the iPhone 7 release date plans at Apple Stores. robert cicchetti /

If you do want to line up at a carrier store, 5-6 AM is a time when we typically see lines stretch to more than a handful of people.It may start earlier this year since Apple announced limited quantities available.

At an Apple Store some lines are already forming, but some locations inside malls will not be able to officially start lines until a specific time. One Apple Store near us will start lines at 5:30 AM in front of the store.

There is no need to line up for the iPhone 7 Plus. Apple announced that the iPhone 7 Plus is not available for walk in purchases on Friday.

When Do I need to Get to Apple Store for iPhone Reservation?

If you have an iPhone 7 reservation you do not need to get to the Apple Store and wait in line for hours. An Apple Store employee recommends that we arrive 15 minutes before the time of our reservation.

When to show up for your iPhone 7 reservation and important info. ymgerman /

When to show up for your iPhone 7 reservation and important info. ymgerman /

Due to lines and other issues, keep in mind that your reservation is for a half hour window so you might not be seen immediately and the process to buy may take 30 minutes.

Should the iPhone 7 Reservation Show in Apple Store App?

Many users are worried that there is no sign of the iPhone 7 reservation in the Apple Store app under reservations. This is normal. Check your email as Apple sent out a confirmation after you placed the reservation and a reminder this week.

What Do I Need to Bring to the Apple Store

If you are doing the iPhone Reservation program you need to bring two forms of ID, your carrier information including passwords and potentially the last four digits of the primary users social security number. Check out the acceptable forms of ID for Apple.

You should also bring your current mobile phone and make sure you are backed up.

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1 Comment

  1. Jeff

    09/26/2015 at 9:58 pm

    I had an iPhone 6s reservation and expected to be in and out within a half hour. I was there on time but spent over an hour and a half waiting in line. Never again.

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