1Password and iOS 8 Videos Show Keys to Safer iPhones


There are a couple of new videos that show how the new Extensions APIs in iOS 8 show how password managers like 1Password could allow users to take advantage of Touch ID and Share Sheets to more easily facilitate the use of harder to crack passwords for protecting their data. Watching the videos one gets […]

Google Kills Off QuickOffice for Android and iOS

Smart observers saw this coming last week after announcements at Google I/O and now it is official. Google will be ending the life of the popular mobile Office App QuickOffice. QuickOffice allowed users to work with Microsoft Office documents and Google office documents on mobile devices. The move now forces users who prefer Google’s productivity […]

Amazon Fire TV Update Finally Adds Music But Without Prime Music


A couple of weeks ago Amazon announced a Fire TV update would be slowly rolling out that would deliver Amazon FreeTime, Amazon’s parental control concept to the small set top box.  FreeTime was touted as a Fire TV feature when Amazon launched its Apple TV competitor in April. Also missing from the beginning was a […]

Say Goodbye to Aperture and iPhoto in OS X Yosemite


Digital photography may be an easier way for shutterbugs to more easily save their photo memories forever, but that doesn’t mean the tools they use to store and edit them will always be around. In a statement to noted Apple enthusiast Jim Dalrymple, and then others, Apple has announced it will be ceasing development for its […]

Activation Lock Leads to Decreased iPhone Theft. Samsung Thefts Rise


Both Microsoft and Google have announced that they will include “kill switches” for mobile phones going forward. Those announcements have accompanied statements from the Secure Our Smartphone Initiative which brought political pressure to bear on a reluctant mobile industry afraid of hits to the bottom line. The reason for a “kill switch?” Kill switches help deter […]

Google Office Apps vs Office 365


At the 2014 Google I/O Conference, Google talked about lots of changes on a number of fronts including the next version of Android, blending Chrome and Android, and how Google is going to make your connected life easier to follow from your fitness center to your car to your home. While the connected life Google […]

Best Buy Offering MacBook Air to Students for $650


It’s hard to believe that people are thinking back to school while we’re still in June, but when it comes to computer deals that can save you money, timing can be everything. Best Buy, which calls itself the Back To School Techfitter, has a couple of deals running that, if you are a student, you can […]

Yo Upends the World


The mobile revolution and human evolution came full circle today, with Google’s announcement that its search algorithms would now rank content that contains one word and one picture higher than it would more wordy posts. Google’s announcement puts the punctuation on one of the fastest adoptions of social change ever recorded in human history that followed the […]

Microsoft Pulls Surface Pro 3 User Guide w/ Surface Mini Info


Today Microsoft officially puts the Surface Pro 3 on sale at its own stores, online, and at retailers such as Best Buy. To accompany the release of the new “tablet that can make you forget your laptop” (or vice versa), Microsoft has also released a Surface Pro 3 User Guide that users could download. That’s […]

Amazon Finally Adds FreeTime to Fire TV. Music Still MIA


Amazon’s Fire TV lets you play games and watch movies and TV shows on the big screen in your home. You can even watch coming attractions. (Or trailers as they are now known.) But one of the problems Amazon had when it launched the Fire TV was that a few features of the device were listed […]

Amazon Firefly on Fire Phone: Cool and Spooky


You have to give Jeff Bezos and Amazon credit where credit is due. Amazon has a mission, and that mission is to get you to shop on Amazon and buy from the millions of products it offers. While Amazon has been venturing into the hardware world of late, it still sticks to that company line […]

How to Use Immersion Reading on Kindle Fire Tablets


One of the benefits of the marriage between Amazon and Audible.com is the ability to have both text and audio versions of books on your device and to use them almost interchangeably between the two using Amazon’s Whispersync for Voice technology to keep the two versions in sync. Amazon bought Audible.com in January, 2008. In […]

Better iPad Digital Inking with iOS 8: Pencil Points the Way


The story of the iPad and digital inking is an interesting one. It has largely depended on the ingenuity of developers to create decent digital inking experiences on the capacitive touch screen of the iPad. And quite a few developers have indeed made the iPad a decent digital inking device for note takers and artists. […]

Which Samsung Galaxy Tablet Should I Buy?


Restaurants that feature a buffet are a great choice for many because they offer so many choices. The range of choices of entrees and sides can potentially satisfy just about any craving. For those who have problems making a decision though they can offer too many choices. If you’ve ever been to a buffet you’ve […]

Why Your iPhone EarPod Cables are Always Tangled & How to Stop It


Tangled earbud cables are a first world problem that at one time or another afflicts most mobile users. At least those who use earbuds or Apple’s EarPods. It almost seems like the cables have been designed to tangle up in your pocket or your gear bag. And the law of timing says that they will […]

How to Watch Samsung Galaxy Premiere Event


In just a little under an hour Samsung will be taking the big stage at New York City’s Madison Square Garden for its Galaxy Premiere 2014 Event. Teased as Tab Into Color most eyes are expecting news on a new round of Samsun Galaxy tablets, most likely with AMOLED displays. Lots has been leaked about […]

1Password for Android Makes it Easier to Keep Passwords Safe


We’re in a security and privacy conscious age with our online lives these days, there’s no doubt about it. To underscore the most important part of what that means, we’re each responsible for our our own data security and whatever online privacy level we’re comfortable with. Until someone comes up with a better system for […]

How to Turn Off Comcast Home Hotspot Feature


Today Comcast is extending its roll out of the public Comcast Home Hotspot feature to Houston, Texas. For those who haven’t been paying attention, Comcast is turning homes and small businesses into WiFi hotspots. The technology in the Arris Touchstone Telephony Wireless Gateway Modems allows Comcast to turn your home into a public WiFi hotspot and the […]

Facebook Listening Feature is Creeping Users Out


Timing is everything in life. And Facebook seems to want the world on a timeline that many users aren’t quite ready for yet. And from the sound of things the folks at Facebook haven’t been reading enough of the Edward Snowden leak stories pouring through its feeds that say the NSA and other agencies can […]