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How to Watch the Apple iPhone X & iPhone 8 Event Live on Any Device



You can watch the Apple iPhone 8 event live on basically any device with an Internet connection as the company plans to stream the event on Tuesday September 12th where you will be able to see the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iOS 11. Here’s a full rundown of everything we expect Apple will announce at this event, and what you shouldn’t count on.

It’s incredibly easy to watch the September Apple Event live stream on a Mac and even on Windows. It’s a little more complicated on Android and older versions of Windows, but we have your back covered there as well.

Here's how and when to watch the September 2017 Apple Event where you should see the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Here’s how and when to watch the September 2017 Apple Event where you should see the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

You can watch the September 2017 Apple Event live on a Mac running OS X El Capitan or higher. You will need to visit the Apple Special event page in Safari for this to work. You can also watch on your iPhone or iPad using Safari to live stream the iPhone X announcement as long as you are on iOS 9 or higher. With Windows 10 you can watch in Edge and you can also tune in using the Special Events app on the Apple TV. IF you are on any of these devices, click here to watch.

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 event starts at 10 AM Pacific, or 1 PM Eastern. Here’s a closer look at when the September 2017 Apple event starts in your time zone.

  • 08:00AM – Hawaii
  • 10:00AM – Pacific
  • 11:00AM – Mountain
  • 12:00PM – Central
  • 01:00PM – Eastern
  • 02:00PM – São Paulo
  • 06:00PM – London
  • 07:00PM – Paris
  • 09:00PM – Moscow

We suggest opening up the special event app or the iPhone 8 event live stream in your browser about 15 minutes early, to make sure everything is working. You should see a crowd in a theater and hear music playing in the lead up to the event.

The only real catch to watching the September 2017 Apple event live is that if you are using an older version of Windows, or using Android, you will need to use VLC player to watch. This is a free app for Android or Windows. We expect to find a special link that will stream the event to the VLC player as the event starts, once we know this we will share it here and you can use these steps to start watching.

  1. Open VLC Player.
  2. Click on Media in the Task Bar at the top of your screen.
  3. Click on Open Network Stream.
  4. Paste the URL above in the box.
  5. Click Play.
  6. Watch the iPhone 8 event live stream on Windows.

We expect to see the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, a new Apple Watch 3 with LTE and a plethora of other Apple products including more on iOS 11 features and an iOS 11 release date as well as the macOS High Sierra release date.

What’s New in iOS 11.4.1

What's New in iOS 11.4.1

What's New in iOS 11.4.1

The iOS 11.4 update added Messages in iCloud and AirPlay 2, but it also brought issues along with it. The iOS 11.4.1 update keeps these long anticipated features and includes fixes for some iOS 11.4 problems. 

Specifically the iOS 11.4.1 update;

  • Fixes an issue that prevented some users from viewing the last known location of their AirPods in Find My iPhone. 
  • Improves reliability of syncing mail, contacts and notes with Exchange accounts.  

This update also includes other bug fixes and security upgrades. It's possible that this update includes a fix for bad iOS 11.4 battery life. 

Messages in the Cloud allows you to backup your iMessage conversations to the cloud just like you back up your notes, contacts and photos. This means they are backed up in case something happens to your phone, but that's not all. 

Messages in the Cloud syncs deleted messages and threads across your iCloud devices. This means everything will show up the same across your Apple devices. With this in place you should see the same conversations everywhere, all of the time. 

This also backs up the photos and attachments in the cloud so you have more room on your iPhone or iPad. When you get a new device all of the messages sync to that device so you don't lose anything. 



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