Google By the Numbers: Android, Google Play, Google+

Google now activates 400,000 Android devices a day.

Today at their Google I/O 2012 Event for developers, Google announced some¬†significant¬†numbers. Hugo Berra of Google took the stage and bragged that the company’s Android device activations grew a lot over the last two years. Compared with 400,000 activations of Android smartphones and tablets by this time in 2011 and 1 Million devices in 2012, […]

Andy Rubin Announces 900,000 Android Activations a Day

Screen Shot 2012-06-10 at 10.55.43 PM

Ahead of rival Apple’s WWDC developer conference, Android head Andy Rubin turned to Twitter to announce his platform’s stats and to debunk some rumors. According to Rubin’s tweet, he will be staying with Google and has no plans to leave, dispelling an earlier rumor propagated by Robert Scoble. Additionally, Rubin also announced in the same […]

Google Now Activating 700,000 Android Devices Daily


Android adoption continues to grow and Android head Andy Rubin provided a status update that Google is now activating 700,000 new Android devices on a daily basis. That’s a lot of little green robots invading our pockets, desks, and lives. Rubin says that this number accounts only for Android devices with built-in cellular and mobile […]

Why 500,000 Android Activations a Day Matters To Android Users

Android Activations Good For Apps

Every day carriers activate over 500,000 new Android devices, welcoming new users to the Android¬†experience on tablets and smartphones. This is much higher than the 275,000 iOS device activations per day which Apple reported back in October. Most users may not care how many new Android devices Google is activating per day, but if you […]