Watch a Video and Help AT&T Provide Phones for Military Veterans


AT&T is sponsoring a program called Connect for Good to arm our military veterans with a smartphone. The best part of the campaign is that users don’t have to do anything but watch a video and AT&T will donate money to the cause–so watch the video and send the link to the Connect for Good […]

PSA: Don’t Shoot Vertical Videos

iPhone 4s camera

Anybody who’s visited YouTube recently will know there’s a serious problem with some videos: the videographer held their phone wrong way when they recorded it. Vertical videos on the web is a huge problem at the moment, and one that we can easily prevent. Nobody wants to watch videos with huge black bars on the […]

Teens Admit Texting While Driving is ‘Impossible’ (Video)

Texting while driving PSA

Texting and driving is a major problem for teens and adults. The temptation to fire off a fast text or check an incoming message while behind the wheel is too much for many to ignore. We’ve seen gruesome anti-texting while driving ad campaigns and somber anti-texting ads before, but a new campaign from a Belgian […]