SAP’s Geo-location Marketing Brings Value to Mobile Users


Many consumers may not have heard of SAP, but the company’s infrastructure is responsible for powering approximately 70 percent of the world’s transactions. So how does a business-to-business, or B2B, company transform itself to reach consumers and build a better brand reputation outside of the enterprise market? SAP researchers focused on mobile apps, precision marketing, […]

Samsung Galaxy Note Aims for Enterprise with SAP App [Video]

SAP app on Samsung Galaxy Note

Tablets are only usually viewed as devices for games and reading, but in the enterprise, tablets can be used for real work. When I spoke to Oliver Bussman, CIO of SAP, earlier this year about the iPad and the future of competing Android tablets in the enterprise he told GottaBeMobile that “Android is playing an important […]

SAP CIO On iPad 2, Playbook and Honeycomb


Yesterday I had a long conversation with Oliver Bussman, the CIO of SAP, a business software company with well over 50,000 employees around the globe, about tablets. Bussman is a tablet power-user  and a big proponent of mobilizing workers. The past week or so has been chock full of tablet news. The Motorola Xoom went […]

Evernote Incorporated in SAP Collaboration Tool


SAP unveiled StreamWork, a cloud-based collaboration application that incorporates Evernote and a couple of other popular web services. SAP typically builds applications and services that are so complex that they make my head hurt when I try to understand how they’re used. Until today, I never imagined I’d ever use an SAP service even though […]