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How to Use Mac Emoji



Using Mac emoji anywhere other than Messages is tough, but you just need to know a keyboard shortcut to use emoji on your Mac in any app or on any web page.

We’ll show you how to use Mac emoji any place you can type on your Mac. You can use all the same emoji as on your iPhone, iPad or Android.

This guide will focus on macOS Sierra, which is a free upgrade, for most Apple computers. This includes the latest Emoji options that match what you have on your iPhone and iPad.

It’s easy to use emoji on your Mac, but most people don’t know the right keys to press to make the Mac emoji keyboard pop up.

How to Use Mac Emoji

Here’s everything you need to know to use Mac emoji to spice up your messages. It takes just a second to learn and it’s actually quite easy to remember.

  1. Click on the text field where you want to put Emoji. This can be in an app or on a web page.
  2. On your keyboard, press Command and Control at the same time and then press the space bar while holding them.

    Click on the Mac emoji you want to use.

    Click on the Mac emoji you want to use.

  3. The Emoji picker will open up right below this and you can double click to add and emoji.
  4. You can scroll up or down to find emoji, click on the categories at the bottom, and search using the box at the top.
  5. After you choose a Mac emoji the picker will disappear. If you need to hide it, you can click anywhere else on your screen.

Do you want to use a lot of emoji in your message? You’ll need to repeat this process. If you want the same emoji, you can copy and paste the emoji that you already entered.

A bigger Mac emoji picker with more options.

A bigger Mac emoji picker with more options.

Click on the small window icon in the upper right if you want a bigger emoji picker on Mac. This will allow you to see emoji in a bigger window and slightly larger. You will need to click the X in the upper left to close this window.

You can send Mac emoji to others on Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad or Android and post to social media like Facebook and Twitter or to post an Instagram comment.

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