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Watch Out for iCloud Scam Calls from “Apple Support”



If you get a phone call from Apple Support about an iCloud hack, hang up.

Numerous reports from across the country outline calls from Apple Support and iCloud Support that are not from Apple, but from nefarious users hoping to take your iCloud account, Apple ID and even your money.

Microsoft is no longer the only company that scammers are pretending to represent in order to take control of your computer and extort money from you for a “fix”.

Watch out for fake Apple Support calls that claim to help you with a breached iCloud.

Watch out for fake Apple Support calls that claim to help you with a breached iCloud.

Why is “Apple Support” Calling Me?

This piggybacks on the news of millions of compromised iCloud accounts. Apple was not hacked, but there are many iCloud passwords and accounts at risk due to re-using passwords. A hacking group combined various breaches at other sites to identify any potential iCloud username and password combinations.

Reports of fake calls from Apple Support about iCloud password and security issues are all over Twitter with some users falling for the scam. Glenn Fleishman at MacWorld reports that “Apple Support” called his wife about iCloud security six times.

Kiro7, a local TV affiliate in Seattle reports that many people in the 206 area code are receiving these calls.

In the last several weeks we’ve seen Apple scams pick up speed and increase in sophistication. Below is a very convincing email that appears to be from Apple about iCloud security. In fact, it is not from Apple and if you click any links and enter information, you will give away your account.

Example of a fake iCloud Security email.

Example of a fake iCloud Security email.

If you get a call or an email about your iCloud account, keep in mind that it is not likely from Apple.

Why are Scammers Pretending to Be Apple?

If you listen to the scammer on the phone call, pretending to be Apple, they will ask you for personal information.

The goal is to get your Apple ID, password and even to install malware on your computer. With your Apple ID and password, they can make purchases with your account and if they take control of your computer they can then charge you to unlock it.

This is a classic scam on Windows computers, and now it is targeting iPhone, iPad and Mac owners at a higher degree.

Does Apple Support Call People?

Apple Support does not call you out of the blue about issues like this. If Apple does call you, the call will connect you directly with a human and it will be to return a call you started. Apple will not call you with an automated call and ask you for personal information.

We’ve only had Apple call us out of the blue once. This was someone working for Apple Store Online security to see if we had placed an order for pickup in a state multiple states away. The person who ordered listed my email as their email and Apple reached out to see if I placed the order. They did not ask for any information from me, only confirmed I did not place the order.

Apple provides tips on what to do with suspicious messages. Apple specifically cautions, “The phone call is unsolicited and the caller claims to be an Apple employee or support representative. Callers might use flattery, threats, or name-dropping to pressure you to give them information or money.”

If this happens, hang up and call Apple directly to see if there is a problem with your account.

What Should You Do if “Apple Support” Calls About iCloud

If someone calls you claiming to be from Apple Support, the best thing to do is hang up.

Do not dial any number that you are prompted to, as this only confirms a working phone number and will earn you more calls.

It is a good idea to block the number. This will walk you through how to block calls on iPhone.

It is also a very good idea to set up two-factor authentication on your Apple ID. This will prevent someone from stealing your account, even if they do find your password. This guide will show you how to set up two-factor authentication on iCloud.

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