Steam Link App Streams Games to Your iPhone or Android
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Steam Link App Streams Games to Your iPhone or Android



Steam is super charging the mobile gaming experience on iPhone and Android this month with the new Steam Link app that will stream games from your PC or Mac to your iPhone or Android. This new app brings your Steam Library to your mobile device or your Apple TV.

Announced today, the Steam Link app arrives at the end of the month. This app looks promising with support for controllers, but there are some limits.

The Steam Link app is coming to Android first, in beta, and will arrive on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV at a later date. The next catch is that you will need to connect your mobile device to the same network as your PC or Mac using 5GHz WiFi or with a wired connection. You cannot use this to play over LTE while you are mobile.

Steam Link brings your Steam library to the iPhone and Android.

Steam Link brings your Steam library to the iPhone and Android.

For many users this means you can stream without any upgrades as most home gaming networks are already running on 5GHz. If not, you can check out the best whole home WiFi setups that can get cover your home in WiFi. Steam Link isn’t new, but until now it’s been limited to dedicated boxes and Samsung Smart TVs.

The app will support the Steam Controller, Made for iPhone controllers and other control devices across iPhone and Android. There is no mention of PlayStation or Xbox controller support for the app yet.

Steam is also releasing the Steam Video app for iPhone and Android later this year, which will allow users to stream TV shows and movies from Steam or download them to watch offline.

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