Staples Coupon Will Slice $100 Off Any Tablet (No iPads Though)

staples tablets

If you’re in the market for an Android, ASUS, or *gasp* Blackberry (the email-less wonder) tablet, we have a deal for you. As Cameron Summerson over at Android Police pointed out, Staples has issued a coupon that will cut $100 off of any tablet purchase in their stores through the end of July. Among the slates […]

New Thunderbolt Display Can Turn a MacBook Air Into an iMac

Thunderbolt display

Among today’s announcements by Apple, one that can have a big impact on mobile computing relates to the Thunderbolt display. The display finally serves as a proper docking station for MacBooks – a docking station with benefits, that is. The display sports a 27″ screen with 2560 x 1440 resolution. The real standout spec, however, […]

Fake Apple Stores in China Take Knockoffs to Another Level


It looks like the Smart Cover knockoffs that a company associated with Samsung aren’t the only thing Apple’s lawyers should be looking into. This bit of KIRF (pointed out by Bird Abroad) is so egregious, it makes a Chinese eBay store look like a model for originality and innovation. This revolutionary bit of clonery: fake Apple […]

Look Out, Android Tablets – Amazon Just Locked Up CBS for Streaming

Amazon Tablet CBS

Amazon’s tablet is coming, and it just may be a real beast. While there isn’t any new information specifically referring to the retailer’s upcoming slate, this little tidbit is very much related: Amazon has just, according to Techcrunch, secured instant video streaming rights with CBS. We have said before that Amazon could deliver the first […]

Sources: iPhone 5 to Add Wings, Spy Camera

Our artist's mockup shows what the iPhone 5 could look like

The iPhone 5 rumor mill keeps spinning, as today the Taiwanese digital industry periodical DigiCom reports that Apple is ordering miniature military-grade airplane wings for a “massive shipment this September.” This points to Apple finally bringing the long-rumored near-space surveillance capabilities to the iPhone 5. The tiny wings, developed in conjunction with Lockheed Martin, sport […]

Coverjam Gives Each iOS Song Its Own Little Slideshow


Coverjam is one of those iOS apps that, once you hear about it, you’re surprised that nobody had thought of it before. The new app by Electric Pocket uses the combined powers of Instagram and Flickr to provide each audio track with its own unique slideshow. You start the app by selecting a track, album, […]

Apple Making Plans for the Post-Steve Jobs Era

jobs looking sad

We know Steve Jobs isn’t going to be the CEO of Apple forever. Though his black faux turtle neck has become synonymous with Apple product launches, the man has been on medical leave since January and can’t head one of the most powerful companies in the world for the rest of his life. Apparently Apple […]

At Least 62 Facebook Employees Are on Google+

zuckerberg really likes Google+

If Facebook is feeling threatened by Google+, they sure have a strange way of showing it. It has been revealed by Google+ member (and Huffington Post editor) Craig Kanalley that 62 current employees of Facebook (including CEO Mark Zuckerberg) have profiles on Google’s new social network. The list also includes seven non-Zuckerberg executives. In addition to […]

Microsoft Hires iPhone Army to Shoot Photos


It looks like Microsoft wanted to save some time and money in creating image results for its Bing search engine. Rather than working exclusively with in-house photographers, Redmond is (according to All Things D) hiring iPhone-toting users of the Gigwalk iOS app to do its dirty work. If you haven’t heard of Gigwalk, it’s a service […]

Sony’s New Tablets Will Play Some 1996 Console Titles – Yay

s2 crash bandicoot

Sony has been trying hard to generate buzz for their upcoming S1 and S2 tablets, with a series of teaser videos that have been posted to YouTube. Getting slightly less vague with each one, the third one has now arrived and it gives us a couple more morsels of information. Chief among those is that […]

Hands-on: Spotify is a Tour de Force for Mobile Music Lovers

spotify iphone

With last week’s launch of the Spotify music subscription service in the US, American listeners now have the option of joining their European pals in an all-you-can-eat musical smorgasbord. After spending some time with a Premium subscription, we have to say that this is a buffet that many music lovers won’t want to miss. Service […]

Who’s Copying Apple? Smart Cover Knock-offs Get Certified by Samsung


With Apple’s legal feud with Samsung escalating over the last couple of months over claims that they are copying the iPhone and iPad, you may think the Korean manufacturer would be especially careful not to release any products that look like Apple’s. It looks like somebody forgot to pass them the memo, as an iPad […]

Raise Your Hand If You’re Sick of iPhone 5 Rumors

Raising Hand Sick of iPhone 5 Rumors

It’s no surprise that the months leading up to an inevitable iPhone announcement are going to be saturated with alleged leaks and viral rumors. Unfortunately, with the iPhone launching later than usual this year, the rumor mill is spinning out of control. The one thing we do know is that whatever Apple brings to the […]

Sorry, Droid Bionic – More Buyers Still Eyeing iPhone

iphone on red carpet

Despite the gains that Android has made during the last couple of years (and the upcoming launch of the much-anticipated Droid Bionic), it looks like the iPhone is still king among devices that customers are eyeing. According to CNET, a recent survey by Changewave Research says 46% of prospective customers said that the iPhone is what […]

The Latest iOS Update is Jailbroken – No Such Luck for iPad 2

iphone happy ipad sad

Apple’s iOS update that they pushed on Friday, 4.3.4, has been jailbroken (as announced by jailbreaker MuscleNerd) for use with the Redsn0w jailbreak tool. It is a tethered jailbreak (meaning your iDevice needs to hook up to a PC every time it reboots), and the iPad 2 is left out of this one.   As […]

Is the iPod About to Kick the Bucket?

ipod electric chair

With the iPhone and the iPad becoming Apple’s new bread and butter over the last several years, what is to become of its former child star – the iPod? Last week Christina Bonnington of Wired speculated that the music player line could be on its deathbed. We examine why this could be true – but […]

The Best VoIP Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad

ipod touch voip

As our smartphones continue to become more “smart” and less “phone,” we all still need to make calls sometimes. However, the carriers’ rates for voice minutes can be a little overwhelming (especially when added to data and texting plans). With today’s data speeds, VoIP is a legit option for many people who want to avoid […]

Note to Gadget Makers: It’s About The Software!

3DS no software

In a press release touting their sales in the month of June, Nintendo announced that sales of their classic DS portable console outsold the new 3DS by a 2:1 ratio (as reported by Techcrunch). Along with the woes of Android tablets, this is just the latest example that we have seen of a very simple […]

Apple Wins a Battle in the Patent War With HTC

jobs rambo

Recently Apple went after HTC for supposedly violating ten of its patents related to smartphones and tablets. Today Apple got an initial victory in that patent dispute, according to Business Insider. What kind of ramifications will this have for the smartphone industry? It’s reported that the International Trade Commission found two of the ten patents […]