Is the iPad In Danger of Becoming a Kleenex?

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*+-The iPad is the number one selling tablet on the market, and the only tablet that most consumers know. This sounds great, but “iPad” Could easily replace tablet in the minds of the average consumer, just like Kleenex has become synonymous with tissue. Competitors envy Apple’s brand recognition and market dominance, but Apple is walking a fine line […]

Sony Anticipates Split with Ericsson in Mobile to Happen Mid-2012


*+-It’s no secret that Sony Ericsson is seeking a divorce that will result in Sony acquiring Ericsson’s share of the joint venture that produces mobile phones, and now Sony executives say that the split will happen by mid-year 2012 in an interview with an Indian newspaper. Under the Sony brand, the mobile phone-maker will divest […]

Nokia’s Brand Still Connecting with People in Philippines


*+-Though Nokia has suffered from stagnant sales and declining market share since the ascent of Android and iOS, the company’s brand is still leading in the Philippines, showing that the company still has a lot of clout in countries outside the U.S. and Europe that are now dominated by more modern touch-centric mobile OSes. As […]