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How to Get the Best iPhone 8 Feature On Your iPhone for $13



The best iPhone 8 feature is wireless charging, which allows you to set your phone on a special charger and charge without wires. It’s incredibly convenient and you can add it to your iPhone right now for just $13.

This works on any iPhone that uses a Lightning cable connection. You will need to also use an iPhone case to keep the wireless charger to the back of your iPhone. This will work with most iPhone 6 casesiPhone 6s cases, iPhone 7 cases and iPhone 7 Plus cases as long as they aren’t too thick.

With this $13 wireless charger for your iPhone you will be able to set your iPhone down and it will start charger on your desk or nightstand. You can also use this in airports, coffee shops and other places that support QI wireless charging.

There are many options, but the cheapest we found with the receiver and the wireless charger is $13 on Amazon and it is eligible for Amazon Prime. If you prefer a higher end model, you can buy a Mophie wireless charging case for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that includes magnets to attach a portable wireless charging battery too. This is a much more affordable option, and may be better if you are thinking of upgrading to the iPhone 8 or iPhone X in 2018, but want this awesome feature right now.

Simply order a wireless charger with a Lightning connection. Plug it into your iPhone and then put a case over it. There is a small adhesive strip you can use to secure the wireless charger to your iPhone, but most cases will keep it tight enough and in placePlace it on a wireless charger. That’s all there is to it. this kit comes with one wireless charger, but there are a wide range of options available.

The major downside to adding wireless charging to your iPhone with this kind of adapter is that it takes over your Lightning port. To remove this, you will need to take your case off and flip the Lightning connection back. if you don’t go all in with wireless charging in your car and at your work, this may be more frustrating than it is worth.

Apple’s iPhone 8 wireless charging is built-in and doesn’t require using the Lightning port. That means the iPhone 8 can charge wirelessly and you can use the port to charge normally when you aren’t near a wireless charger.

31 Best iPhone 7 Cases & Covers

Speck Presido iPhone 7 Cases

Speck Presido iPhone 7 Cases

Speck chose to deliver a new line of iPhone 7 cases that look and feel amazing. The new Presidio iPhone 7 cases use upgraded material to deliver better shock protection while arriving in a thinner design. 

The Presidio Grip, Inked and Wallet can protect your iPhone 7 from a 10 foot drop while the Presidio Clear, Clear + Glitter and Clear + Print are tested for an 8 foot drop.

We already have these iPhone 7 cases on our iPhone and love the look and feel that they offer.

$39.95 to $44.95 at Speck

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