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How to Share iCloud Storage With Your Family



This will show you how to share iCloud storage with a family member on iOS 11. You no longer need to buy an iCloud Storage plan for each member of your family, and you may be able to save quite a bit of money by adding family members to a shared iCloud Storage plan.

Even if you already share purchases, music or your location with members of your family using Family Sharing, you need to turn on iCloud Storage sharing and make sure everyone is added to your account.

You can only share iCloud Storage on the 200GB or higher plans. So you will need to be paying $2.99 to $9.99 a month to use this sharing feature. The 50GB plan cannot be shared. If anyone in your family is using iCloud Storage at the 200GB level it may make sense to share storage.

How to Add a Family Member to iCloud Storage

You can add a member to your iCloud Storage family share very quickly, especially if they are already part of your family on iOS 11. If you need to add a member to your family, use this guide to setup Family Sharing on the iPhone and iPad.

Share iCloud Storage with Family Sharing in iOS 11.

Share iCloud Storage with Family Sharing in iOS 11.

Here’s what to do to share iCloud Storage with family members;

  1. Open the Settings app on your primary device.
  2. Tap on the Apple ID at the top with your photo.
  3. Tap on Family Sharing.
  4. Tap on iCloud Storage
  5. Turn iCloud Storage Sharing On by tapping Share Storage Plan
  6. Tap on Send Invitation
  7. Send the iMessage to let them know they can share your storage.
Send the invite to your family members.

Send the invite to your family members.

From here they will need to accept the invitation to share storage. Your files and your photos are all kept separate, but now you as the primary organizer can see how much storage everyone is using.

How to Accept iCloud Family Sharing Invite

On the other devices your family members will need to open the message, tap on the iCloud invitation and then tap on Accept to join your share.

You may be able to share with other users who are not on iOS 11 yet. We are testing this and will update when we know for sure if they can use iCloud Family Sharing. Apple introduced Family Sharing with iOS 8, so it is available to many devices.

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See Older Messages on the Lock Screen

See Older Messages on the Lock Screen

 You can quickly look at your older messages and notifications from the lock screen without unlocking your phone to get to the Notification Center. 

When you are on the Lock Screen, simply pull up from the middle of the screen and you will see your Notifications from Earlier today. You can also clear these out from this screen. 

If you want to reply to someone or interact with a message just swipe on it, Swipe left to right to open and right to left to choose to view or clear individual notifications. 



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