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Buy an iPhone, Get a Year of Service for $1



How does paying $1 for a year of cell phone service sound? If you are willing to make a few adjustments and pay for an iPhone, you can get a year of service from Virgin Mobile for eight cents a month, or just one dollar for the year.

Virgin Mobile recently switched over to selling all iPhones and through July 31st new customers who transfer a number over and current customers who buy an iPhone get one year of service for $1. The plan you get isn’t that bad for a carrier like Virgin Mobile. You won’t run out of data, texting or calling, but there are limits on the quality of streaming and gaming. After the first 12 months, you will pay $50 a month for service, but there is no contract, so you can cancel after a year without any further obligation.

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To get this deal you need to buy an iPhone from Virgin Mobile. You cannot bring your own iPhone with you and you cannot buy a Galaxy S8 for this deal. Here are the iPhones that you can buy for this deal.

  • iPhone SE 32GB – 279.99 – Best Cases
  • iPhone SE 128GB – $379.99
  • iPhone 6 32GB – $319.99 – Review
  • iPhone 6s 32GB – $549.99 – Review
  • iPhone 6s 128GB – $649.99
  • iPhone 6s Plus 32GB – $649.99
  • iPhone 6s Plus 128GB – $749.99
  • iPhone 7 32GB – $649.99 – Review
  • iPhone 7 128GB – $749.99
  • iPhone 7 256GB – $849.99
  • iPhone 7 Plus 32GB – $749.99
  • iPhone 7 Plus 128GB – $849.99
  • iPhone 7 Plus 256GB – $949.99

There are many color options available, so you don’t need to settle for a simple black or silver option. You are paying the same price for the iPhone as you would if you bought off-contract from Apple or most other carriers. The iPhone SE and iPhone 6 are on a deeper discount for the time being.

When you buy the iPhone, you are pre-ordering it, but it will ship soon. The system said it will ship our iPhone on June 27th, a day ago, so don’t expect any major delays. You will need to enter a phone number and where you plan to use the phone to get accepted. Oce that is done you will see a listing of what is due today and your monthly fees. In this case, our monthly payment before taxes is $0.08 or if we add insurance it would be $7.08 a month. You have to pay full price for your phone today. There are no payment plans to split the cost of the phone up over a year or two like many traditional carriers offer.

Pay 8 cents a month for cell phone service.

Pay 8 cents a month for cell phone service.

For $5 a month you can add unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada and unlimited worldwide texting. or $10 a month you get those benefits and unlimited calls to landlines in 70+ countries, 200 minutes to mobile phones in 50+ countries and reduced rates to over 200 destinations. If you add these to your plan, you would pay $5.08 or $10.08 a month before taxes.

With the base plan, you get unlimited text, data and talk. The catch is that this includes optimized audio, video and gaming use on 4G LTE. This breaks down to;

  • Mobile-optimized video streams at up to 480p+ resolution
  • Music at up to 500 kbps
  • Streaming cloud gaming at up to 2 mbps.

Additionally Virgin Mobile can slow your data if you use over 23GB per month when the network is congested. This is similar to how some major carriers work, but you can often adjust the optimization or turn it off completely on other carriers. Virgin Mobile typically offers a personal hotspot add on for $5 a day. You may be able to use this with this plan as well.

When you use this plan you also get InnerCircle benefits including many discounts on other Virgin items including tickets, wine and hotels. Some offers include;

  • Buy a round-trip economy flight from the US to the UK on Virgin Atlantic and get a companion ticket for just the cost of taxes and fees
  • 15 bottles of Virgin Wine (worth over $230) for just $59.99
  • Book two nights at a Virgin Hotels location and get a third night at no charge

These are handy options, especially since they come with the year of service for $1. You would typically pay $900 or more for unlimited data on a major carrier. A year of this service on Virgin Mobile without this deal is $600.

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Speck Presido iPhone 7 Cases

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