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What to Do If Your iPhone is Crashing on December 2



Is your iPhone crashing or constantly rebooting on December 2nd? If so, you are effected by a local notification crash that is very annoying. There is a fix that you can do right now so that you don’t need to visit the Apple Store for help.

This happens when an app sends a specific type of notification, and it can stop you from using your iPhone. We’ll walk you through the fix for the iPhone rebooting every 10 seconds.

You ned to uninstall the app causing the problem or turn off notifications for the app so your iPhone is on long enough to install the iOS 11.2 update that Apple pushed out overnight. Here’s more on how to change notifications.

  1. Go to Settings,
  2. Tap on Notifications.
  3. Tap on an app.
  4. Tap to turn off Notifications.
Turn off notifications from apps that send a local notification to fix this problem long enough to update.

Turn off notifications from apps that send a local notification to fix this problem long enough to update.

Now go to Settings – > General -> Software Update and install iOS 11.2. Here’s more on how to update to iOS 11.2.

Apple’s new iOS 11.2 update fixes this problem. After you install it, you will need to turn your notifications back on.

The type of notifications causing the problem are local notifications. These come from a game when you need to do something based on a reminder or take action on a alert that doesn’t come from the Internet.

This is often an alert to remind you to meditate, do something in game based on a schedule, to do items and more.

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See Older Messages on the Lock Screen

See Older Messages on the Lock Screen

 You can quickly look at your older messages and notifications from the lock screen without unlocking your phone to get to the Notification Center. 

When you are on the Lock Screen, simply pull up from the middle of the screen and you will see your Notifications from Earlier today. You can also clear these out from this screen. 

If you want to reply to someone or interact with a message just swipe on it, Swipe left to right to open and right to left to choose to view or clear individual notifications. 

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