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T-Mobile Super Bowl 51 Ads Push Verizon Over the Edge



A strange thing happened during the Super Bowl 51 ads. While Melissa McCarthy was saving every part of the environment and Tom Brady was leading a comeback that looks like Cam Newton’s ad, T-Mobile and Verizon went nuclear with 50 Shades Darker style ads and tweets.

While Sprint’s own cell phone ad quite literally pushed a car over the edge to fake a death, T-Mobile and Verizon went head to head all night and took followers to strange places on Twitter.

T-Mobile ran multiple ads through the night and with T-Mobile CEO John Legere taunting the Verizon Social Media team things got, interesting to say the least.

In the T-Mobile Super Bowl 51 ad below Kristen Schaal delivers the most provocative phone support call since “Jake from State Farm” and managed to set off a surreal Twitter stream that left some users rolling on the floor and others outraged.

There is no Verizon Super Bowl ad to hit back. The company was busy making sure users were connected at the Stadium through massive upgrades that enabled customers to use 11 TB of data during the game with Facebook, Instagram nd Snapchat taking the top social app usage categories.

While Verizon customers weren’t hitting up Twitter all night, that doesn’t mean it was a wasteland. The official Verizon account was engaging Sprint and T-Mobile throughout the night. Things started to get weird when these T-Mobile Kristen Schaal ads appeared.

First Verizon tweeted about BSDM, but that wasn’t where it would stop. Soon after Verizon started talking about safe words.

This led to a litany of replies on Twitter from followers who wanted in on the joke to followers who were not pleased with the replies or Verizon’s sense of humor.

Not to be outdone, T-Mobile CEO john Legere ended the night with this Tweet.

You can see the other T-Mobile BSDM ad below. None of these ads are actually NSFW, but you may want to listen with headphones if you are in public.

Meanwhile, Sprint is pushing cars off cliffs hoping someone will notice them.

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