How to Use a USB Drive with the Nexus 7

USB drive and Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 tablet comes up short on storage, but with a cable and free apps it’s possible to connect a USB drive to the Nexus 7 for more storage. This solution isn’t for everyone. It requires a rooted Nexus 7, a cable that hangs off the edge and apps to make the process work. […]

eGo Hybrid Series iPhone 4S Case Packs a Tiny USB Drive


The eGo Hybrid Series iPhone Case protects a user’s iPhone 4 or 4S plus it adds something really useful – a USB flash drive. The case snaps onto the back of the iPhone and protects the phone. It also includes a slot to store a USB drive. The company sells the duo as the case […]

Spyder JetStream Transfers Files From Flash Drives to iOS

JetStream Mobile Media Hub

Spyder wants to make it easy to stream and download files on a USB flash drive or SD card to the iPhone or iPad. The new Spyder JetStream Mobile Media Hub is a small wireless device that helps connect users to their content. The JetStream has a single USB port that can handle anything from […]

$3,000 Swiss Army Knife Packs in 1 TB of Flash Storage (Video)


For mobile users who are always worried about not having enough storage space to tote around their digital files with them, Victorinox has a 1 TB flash drive solution. Like the company’s other USB thumb drives, the flash drive carries the Swiss Army Knife-maker’s signature looks. The 1 TB flash drive, which is thicker than […]

Ice Cream Sandwich Supports USB Mass Storage, Galaxy Nexus Does Not.


It has been discovered that although Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone does not support USB mass storage for mounting the phone as a drive on a computer, the OS behind the phone, known as Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, does support the feature. According to Reddit commenter morrildl, the reason that the Galaxy Nexus does not […]