Good News Verizon Customers, Windows Phone Love Seems Inevitable Now


Last week, Josh if the Nokia Lumia 900 could be Windows Phone’s “Droid”. I think with AT&T, it can well at a lower level, but there’s no way it will reach “Droid” status. It definitely won’t succeed at that level if an upgrade to Windows Phone 8 isn’t on the docket, which is unknown at this […]

Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh? Really?


I can’t imagine what it would be like to be involved with naming devices and services, but I can honestly say that I think I could do a better job that some of these companies. Last week, Apple threw a monkey wrench out there by choosing NOT to name their newest version of the iPad […]

HTC Titan II for AT&T Hands-on Video


Earlier today, Chuong and I attended the 2012 AT&T Developer Summit where AT&T’s Ralph de le Vega and HTC’s Peter Chou announced the HTC Titan II. The Titan II is one of the 1st LTE Windows Phone devices announced to run on AT&T’s LTE network. The HTC Titan II has a 4.7 screen, it features […]

The 5 Best U.S. Windows Phone 7 Smartphones [December, 2011]


Adam took a look at the Android phones, now it’s my turn to give you my opinion on what the best Windows Phone 7 Smartphones are right now. My task is much easier since there are far fewer choices running Windows Phone 7. Verizon and Sprint are missing out on newer models with Mango already […]

Mehdoh for Windows Phone Review [Video]

Screen Capture (44)

My search for a Twitter client that has all the features I need has come down to a couple of choices. Mehdoh is one of those choices and so far seems to be the best for my needs. I purchased a handful of apps to test and showcased them in the video I did a couple of […]

Create custom ringtones with Windows Phone 7.5


We told Microsoft we wanted custom ring tones and they finally listened. Today Microsoft posted “Custom ringtones: A visual guide” over on their Windows Phone Blog. I won’t snatch their huge image and give you zero reason to visit, so head over and check it out. It pretty much sums it all up nicely. The […]

So, You Want the HTC Titan Now?


If you can’t wait until November 20th to get your hands on the HTC Titan you can order one from Amazon for full retail. You might balk at the $799 price tag, but not too long ago, this would have been a bargain for a hot new phone. In fact, I have personally spent $1200 for […]

First Nokia Windows Phone to Feature QWERTY Design?


A Nokia Windows Phone with a QWERTY design might not be exactly what you had in mind when you heard that the handset was going to “blow your socks off,” but it looks like Nokia might be working on that very thing for one of its first Windows Phone 7 handsets According to ShinyShiny, a […]

Rumor: Microsoft to Unveil Nine Windows Phones Tomorrow

Microsoft Windows Phone

While all of the talk about Microsoft’s event tomorrow in New York City might be about Windows Phone 7.5 and the supposed 500 new features coming along with it, the company might also be planning a big hardware unveil with WMPowerUser reporting that Redmond might unveil as many as nine Windows Phone 7 devices at […]