Apple Cracking Down on App Store Searching Apps


Following the rejection of AppGratis, Apple continues to limit app discovery apps with more app bans. This according to an anonymous developer talking to PocketGamer. The anonymous developer submitted an app to the App Store that used social networks to help users discover new apps for their iPhone, or other iOS device. Recently, however, Apple […]

App Shopper Recommendation App Returns With Social Integration

App Shopper Social

Months after Apple removed it from the App Store, App Shopper is back with a new app that follows Apple’s guideline by being entirely social. The new App Shopper Social is all about finding apps that your friends or people you follow use, like and recommend. While the previous version of App Shopper curated apps […]

AppGratis Promised Higher App Store Rankings, Claims Leaked Document


A leaked document given to Business Insider from a developer that dealt with AppGratis seems to prove the company promised higher App Store rankings to those who advertised in AppGratis. The document shows a list of countries and where a buy through AppGratis could land an app in App Store rankings in those countries. A […]

Apple May Cut More Apps Like AppGratis from the App Store


While AppGratis is the most recent daily app deal app to get the boot from the iOS App Store, it seems it isn’t the last, as Apple will likely boot others from the store soon. An AllThingsD report claims that Apple wants to prune the App Store a bit by removing apps like AppGratis that offer […]

AppGratis CEO Calls Apple Terms Confusing, Explains Why App Was Pulled

Apple approved the AppGratis iPad app just days before pulling from the App Store

Last Friday, Apple pulled AppGratis, the popular app discovery tool from the iOS App Store, and today the AppGratis’ CEO took to the company blog to explain the situation from his point of view. AppGratis CEO Simon Dawlat explains that he started AppGratis back in 2008, but it wasn’t until 2011 that his company had to […]