iPhone 6: EU Could Force Apple’s Hand in Charger Choice

The iPhone 5s uses a Lightning connection and the HTC One uses a Micro USB, but with an adapter the same cable can charge both.

*+-A new EU proposal could force Apple to get creative with the iPhone 6 and the Lightning connection which Apple uses to charge the modern iPhone models and connect them to computers. Apple introduced the Lightning connection in 2012, replacing a bulkier 30-in connector, and adding the new connection to the iPhone 5, iPad 4, […]

iPhone 5’s Lightning to micro USB Cable Only Available for Europe


*+-Apple had announced that more Lightning cables and adapters were forthcoming at a media event on September 12th that debuted the company’s next-generation flagship iPhone 5. In addition to what was announced, Apple also has a small micro USB to Lightning adapter that will allow users to use their existing micro USB cables–which are used […]

Samsung Fights for Your Right to Use the Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10

*+-Apple may have won the first legal battle in Germany, but the Cupertino company isn’t going to win the way just yet. After a judge in Düsseldorf granted an injunction prohibiting the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in most of the European Union, Samsung has said that the company will fight the injunction. The […]

Companies Agree to Standardize Chargers for Handsets in EU


*+-This is welcome news for those living in the European Union and perhaps elsewhere as well. We might actually be getting closer to a universal charger for mobile devices. It looks like some mobile handset manufacturers and the EU have agreed on standardizing chargers for handsets in a bid to get greener and also cut […]