Can Your Eyes Replace Touch on Mobile?


Capacitive touch was a disruptive technology on smartphones when the iPhone debuted in 2007 as it didn’t require a stylus and offered a fluid experience without requiring users to apply pressure into the display with their fingernails. Now, companies are looking ahead to not only applying touch to new forms, but also to the eyes […]

LG Says Samsung May Infringe Eye-Tracking Patents


LG thinks Samsung may be infringing a few of its patents with Smart Pause and other eye-tracking features of the Galaxy S4. Yonhap News, a Korean news publication, says that LG will look into the Galaxy S4 to see if Smart Pause infringes patents LG owns. LG’s upcoming Optimus G Pro has a similar feature […]

Galaxy S4 Videos Allegedly Show Floating Touch & Smart Pause in Action

Samsung Galaxy S4 Touch free display

A trio of alleged Samsung Galaxy S4 videos arrived this morning, showing off touch free control of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and a smart pause feature that¬†automatically¬†pauses a movie when the user looks away. We also get a look at what may be the new Galaxy S4 lock screen. These new videos come from Chinese […]

LG Steals Samsung’s Show With Eye Tracking Smartphone Tech Announcement


While Samsung’s Galaxy S4, which is to be announced later today, is rumored to come with a new eye tracking feature utilizing the front-facing camera to start and stop video playback automatically depending on if you’re looking at the screen, it looks like Samsung won’t be the first to debut this tech as South Korean […]

iPhone 6, iPhone 5S Could Deliver Eye Tracking Tech

The iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S could feature eye tracking and head tracking controls.

The iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 could deliver eye tracking and motion controls for iOS that allow users to control the devie withotu touching it, a feature rumored for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4. Apple owns several patents relating to eye tracking and motion control of an iPhone or iPad, and a new startup is […]

Samsung Trademarks Suggest More Eye Tracking Technologies


Samsung had filed for trademarks for ‘Eye Scroll’ and ‘Eye Pause,’ suggesting that the Android smartphone-maker is exploring new eye tracking technologies for its mobile devices as part of a plan to refresh the Nature UI overlay on top of Android. Nature UI is a refresh of the Samsung TouchWiz user interface that debuted on […]