Bill Gates Still Talking Handwriting Recognition

On a recent appearance with Jimmy Fallon to promote his philanthropic work, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates was asked about not only the philanthropic work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but also about his insights in to the tech world. Fallon asked Gates what his hunches were for the next big thing. Not surprisingly […]

Is Digital Ink Making a Comeback?


There are signs that Digital Ink might be making a comeback of sorts. Of course for some of us it never really faded away. For all of Microsoft’s efforts, and the efforts of quite a few passionate Tableteers in the original age of Tablet PCs, Digital Inking never really caught on except for those of […]

Google Lets iPhone & Android Users Search With Handwriting

Google Search Handwriting

Google now lets iOS and Android users search the web using their own handwriting without the need for a special app or keyboard. Users don’t need the Google Search app for the new handwriting recognition, they simply need to enable to feature on Users need to go to settings which is below the search […]

Stylus and Handwriting Recognition Coming to Android Tablets


As most Tablet PC users know, a proper stylus and handwriting recognition are invaluable. A proper inking experience has been lacking on the latest generation of tablet devices, including the iPad. That might change in the near future as N-Trig is partnering with HTC (see the HTC Flyer) and others to provide an inking experience […]

How to Fine Tune Handwriting Recognition on Windows 7 Tablet PCs

Screen shot 2010-09-15 at 11.02.10 AM

A lot of people that have never used a Tablet PC are disappointed by Windows’s handwriting recognition. Writing on a slick surface can be a challenge, even for those with great penmanship. New users and those dissatisfied with handwriting recognition should take a few minutes to train their Tablets PCs to recognize their own scribbles. […]

How searchable are your handwritten notes?


Even if you’re a keyboard junkie, we all jot down notes in some way, shape or form. But whether it’s on paper or on the screen of your Tablet PC, with software such as OneNote and Evernote, your handwritten notes can be nearly as searchable as anything you type, as celebrated today by jkOnTheRun.

MIT developing sketch-recognition software


With tablet computing hitting a new high, tablet-specific methods of data entry, such as handwriting recognition, are receiving more attention than ever. However, researchers at MIT are working on going a step further and developing sketch-interpreting software, carrying data entry into realms where keyboards aren’t enough.

Surprise (or not) – iPad has a “handwriting keyboard”


Engadget almost got me excited with a mention of a prototype handwriting keyboard on the iPad, uncovered with a look at the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK.  But then I saw the screenshot that led to it. Sorry folks, it’s not new; it’s just the Chinese language keyboard that’s been part of the iPhone for more […]

Evernote Seeks International Input

If you can write in French, Italian, German and/or Spanish, Evernote wants you! Well, no, not you in person, but you to help expand the breadth of their handwriting recognition engine to include these languages. As posted on the Evernote Blog, they need handwriting samples in these languages to get them into their recognition engine. […]

Improve your handwriting, release your “death grip”


Just in time to help our nation’s students get ready to go back-to-school, The New York Times has an opinion piece entitled “Op-Art: The Write Stuff” with tips on how to improve one’s handwriting, a critical skill for our youth (though not so much for keyboard jockeys). As a pen input and Tablet PC enthusiast, […]

Detexify2: Web-Based Character Recognition


Designed to help LaTeX users find special characters by drawing them instead of hunting through an index, Detexify2 is moving us one step closer to web-based handwriting recognition. Just draw a character in the specified area and in seconds, a list of matches pops up on the right-hand side. As you can see from my […]

Handwriting Recognition for Stone Tablets


All Tableteers know about handwriting recognition, and many have at one time or the other made some sort of joke about using an ancient stone tablet as the Tablet PC’s precursor. Well, how about using handwriting recognition to help determine the identity of the carver on those ancient stone tablets? Turns out some archeologists and […]

Diotek Adds Handwriting Reco to G1


Although writing with your finger on a small capacative screen can be trying at best, I’m sure news of Diotek’s handwriting recognition app on Android and the G1 will be well received in Asian markets. At the moment it only recognizes Korean and English and there is no price for it. Diotek is no stranger […]

Windows 7 and Handwriting Recognition Improvements

Microsoft’s Engineering Windows 7 blog just published an indepth look at the changes that went into the handwriting improvements in Windows 7 – a must read for all Tablet PC users and enthusiasts. Microsoft has been working on handwriting recognition for over 15 years going back to the Pen extensions for Windows 3.0.   With […]