Otterbox Defender iON Rugged iPhone 4S Battery Case Arrives April 18th


*+-Otterbox’s new iPhone 4S case and battery solution, the Defender with ION Intelligence, is now shipping. Otterbox first announced the Defender with iON Intelligence during CES 2013. Instead of purchasing a case and backup battery for travel separate, users of this case will get both solutions in a more manageable form factor. In fact many […]

Gallery of Broken iPhones Will Make You Run for a Good Case

pile of broken iPhone screens

*+-The iPhone is a great looking gadget, but we recommend putting a case on the iPhone shortly after purchasing it to provide protection from drops and damage. iPhone 5 cases won’t protect the iPhone from every fall, but they do help prevent an early tip to get the new iPhone repaired. Same goes for iPhone […]

50 Amazing iPhone 4S Cases

iPhone 4s leather case

*+-Finding the perfect iPhone 4S case is tough, but these 50 amazing iPhone 4S cases and iPhone 4 cases simplify finding an amazing iPhone 4S case. Broken down by case type we’ve tracked down our favorite iPhone 4S cases for all types of users. From iPhone 4S wallet cases to minimalist cases and heavy duty […]

Trygger iPhone 4S Camera Case Adds Polarizing Filter to iPhone


*+-There’s no doubt that the iPhone 4S has a great camera, but most of the camera accessories and lens adapters are easy to lose. The Trygger iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 case is offers a simple solution to help create better photographs on the iPhone – a sliding polarizing filter. The filter is built into the case […]

Top 10 iPhone 4S Cases

Element Vapor Pro Case

*+-There are no shortage of iPhone 4S cases and covers, but there are a limited number of awesome iPhone 4S cases. These iPhone cases protect the phone and its functionality while looking great doing so. The GottaBeMobile staff owns many of these cases, or would happily buy them if we had unlimited funds. Read: 10 […]

10 Best iPhone 4S Accessories

Griffin AirCurve Play

*+-Now that you have your iPhone 4S it’s time to accessorize. After all, what’s the good of having the newest Apple phone if you don’t take advantage of the vast sea of cases, docks, and other sweet toys made just for it? Just as there’s an app for almost everything, there’s an accessory for almost […]