Jawbone 2014 ERA Bluetooth Headset Review

Jawbone ERA 2014

Wearable Computing is the coming thing this year, even though it has existed for awhile. Some of the more popular and fashion controversial wearable devices we’ve had around for some time include Bluetooth headsets. These are controversial because some like the practicality while others rail against the perceived geeky and dorky look. I’m often amazed […]

The Jabra EASYCALL Bluetooth Headset


I know there are some that would sooner be caught dead than wearing a Bluetooth headset. I’m not one of those. I depend on them quite a bit given that I do a lot of business on the phone when I’m driving to and fro, and also so I can keep my hands free while […]

Jawbone Has Unpublished Fix for iPhone ERA Woes


Last week I posted about the difficulties I was having with the Jawbone ICON and ERA Bluetooth headsets. After posting that I got an email from a Jawbone tech offering to help. We had a good conversation and he offered me a solution that solved the connection woes. (To see the problems I was having […]

Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset Marks the End of an Era for Me


I’ve been a big fan of Aliph’s Jawbone Bluetooth headsets for quite some time. As my wife and I have been packing up the house for our move across town, I discovered quite a few older models of the various Jawbone headsets dating back quite some time. What always attracted me to the Jawbone brand […]