Apple Pay Best Buy Support Rolling Out This Fall

Apple Pay

While Best Buy was initially planning on using a rival digital payment platform, the retail chain has announced that it will be rolling out Apple Pay in stores later in the fall, with in-app support available right now on iPhone. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the Apple Pay Best Buy partnership during the company’s quarterly […]

Intel Opening Special Pop-Up Stores for the Holidays


Intel has announced that it will be opening up several temporary retail stores during the holiday season. The so-called “experience” pop-up stores will begin to open up this month, with the first one opening in New York on November 23. More locations will open following that date, but the locations haven’t been disclosed yet. The pop-up […]

Google Planning Retail Stores to Compete Against Apple, Microsoft


Following Apple’s lead and Microsoft’s later foray into the retail space, it is rumored that Google will be opening its own retail stores to compete. This would be a first for Google–an expansion from a web URL to a physical address–as it tries to push further into the consumer space. Official Google retail stores are […]

Analyst Claims Grim Black Friday Sales for Microsoft’s Surface RT Tablet


A new research report published by Piper Jaffray anaylst Gene Munster suggests that Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet hardware may not have sold favorably compared to the competing iPad and iPad mini slates at Apple’s retail stores. Munster had observed Apple and Microsoft company-owned retail stores, which are usually located in close proximity to one another […]

Apple Customers Can Soon Pay for Purchases With Passbook at Apple Stores


Apple is reportedly making changes to its point-of-sales system to support Passbook payments at the company’s retail locations, allowing iOS 6 users a new way to pay for purchases at retail stores. Passbook integration will be made into Apple’s iPod Touch EasyPay system. When Apple launched the iPod Touch EasyPay terminals, they effectively replaced cash […]

Microsoft Retail Stores Stop Accepting Pre-Orders for Nokia Lumia 900 LTE

After initially establishing a pre-order program for the highly anticipated Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T’s 4G LTE network in the U.S., Microsoft retail stores are now abruptly ending the program and are no longer taking pre-orders for the Windows Phone device. It’s unclear as to why the pre-order program has suddenly end and Microsoft did […]