• Manwell Rifle Set (400 Credits)

A new long rifle, including a carbine variant. Both versions are highly customizable, with lots of great-looking new mods. These are obtained during a quest, and upon completion you’ll unlock a unique decoration or pet for your workshop.

  • Neon Flats (600 Credits)

This creation includes two stylish new apartments in Goodneighbor, one fully furnished, and another largely empty. Both are in the same building, and can be rearranged and redecorated to your liking.

Also included are over three dozen new workshop items, and hidden away is a new outfit and pistol (both re-textures of existing assets).

The apartment is obtained through a quest that has you tracking down a former Institute technician.

  • Quake Thunderbolt (300 Credits)

The classic lightning gun slips into Fallout 4. It packs a hefty punch, and can be customized with options like chain lightning, or hypercharged so it has a chance to do extra damage to wet enemies, although with the risk of disarming yourself. This weapon is obtained through a short quest.