Microsoft Welcomes Nokia Mobile Phone Users, Alludes to Services Play

Nokia's Asha feature phones could be the bridge that Microsoft needs to carry users over to Windows Phone.

Microsoft’s decision to purchase the devices and services division of famed phone maker Nokia a few weeks ago might have caught the attention of users hoping the Apple-like top-down approach to device development could boost Windows Phone, but if comments from Windows operating system chief Terry Myerson are any indication, one of the real advantages […]

Nokia Teases QWERTY Announcement for April 24th

A teaser photo for Nokia's upcoming announcement

Nokia is teasing an announcement to be held April 24th followed by a question and answer session with a special guest – that’s according to a post by Ian Delany, of Nokia Conversations –a blog that’s meant to help Nokia bypass other outlets and talk straight to its users. Could Nokia be gearing up for […]