How To Edit Video from a Flip Camera on iPad 2


There are not a lot of third-party cameras that can be used to shoot video compatible with Apple’s new iPad 2 video editing program iMovie. The Pure Digital Flip Mino and Flip Ultra HD will work. PC World put together a short How To video and we have tried it out and it works fine […]

What Kind of Gear Does It Take To Cover CES?

Check out this short video of what I am taking to CES in order to bring you all the videos, pictures, and news you will be reading. Warner has a similar set up, too. The only thing you do not see in this video is the Nokia E71 that I am using to do the […]

A Weekend of HP Rebuilds


Boy did I have a great time this weekend, I had to rebuild two HP machines (the tx2051 and the tx2525)! All kidding aside though, over this weekend I spent some time rebuilding the two HP machines that I am currently covering here at GBM.  Based on the somewhat confusing results of the initial benchmark […]

GBM Shortcut: Flip Video MinoHD Unboxing

Flip Video MinoHD

Yesterday, we let you know about the new Flip Video MinoHD, and today we are excited to bring you an unboxing of this amazing little video camera. My first impressions? Much better video quality, much improved zooming capability, and (as you’ll find out in the video as I discover myself), the batteries are now rechargeable […]

Flipping Over the MinoHD Mobile Video Camera


Many of the videos we produce on GBM, especially the ones shot during CES, are done using a Flip video camera. They are great little video cameras, produce some really good quality, small and light, encode directly to an avi or mp4, and are pocket-book friendly. My favorite feature is the built-in USB stick which […]