Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3: 5 Things to Know

The best Samsung Galaxy S4 model won't make it to the U.S.

In just a few days, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to launch around the world, replacing the aging Samsung Galaxy S3 as the company’s premier Android-powered smartphone. However, despite its age, the Galaxy S3 remains a viable option for many consumers looking for a new piece of hardware. Here, we take a look at […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

The Galaxy S4 will feature wireless charging, thanks to accessories.

Last week, Samsung finally announced the new Samsung Galaxy S4, its new current generation Galaxy S smartphone that is set to replace the Samsung Galaxy S3 as the company’s flagship model. Prior to the launch, we took a look at how the rumored Galaxy S4 stacked up against the Galaxy S3 and now that it’s […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3: Final Round

The Galaxy S4 will likely come with a $199.99 price.

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch date fast approaching, consumers will soon have an official look at not only the device itself but the Galaxy S4 release date as well. When Samsung’s Next Big Thing does arrive, it will be taking on a host of devices from the iPhone 5 to the Samsung Galaxy Note […]

Should I Buy the Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S3?


The Samsung Galaxy S3 remains one of the most popular Android smartphones on the market, despite it being more than six months old. Despite its age, it’s still an enticing buy. However, since December, we’ve heard about a high-end successor to the Galaxy S3, the Samsung Galaxy S4, rumored to be arriving next month and […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3: Round Two


The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been one of the premier Android smartphones for the last six months, accumulating millions in sales across the globe. However, every phone sees its time come to an end and it appears that the Galaxy S3’s time is almost up. Rumored to be replacing it is the Samsung Galaxy S4, […]