iPhone 5s Pre-orders Available in China… What About U.S.?

Target calls it an iPhone 5s pre-order, but it's really a reservation.

Some lucky iPhone 5s buyers can pre-order the iPhone 5s for in store pickup on September 20th, and you can too — assuming you live in Hong Kong or are willing to fly halfway around the world to make sure you have an iPhone 5s on September 20th. Apple switched up the game with the […]

iPhone 5S Pre-Orders Out, But Target Starts Taking Reservations

Target isn't offering an iPhone 5s pre-order, but you can make a reservation for the new iPhone. CC BY-SA 2.0 - j.reed

Apple is skipping official iPhone 5s pre-orders and from the looks of it so are retailers, but we just got word from a Target employee that the company is now taking iPhone 5s reservations. What’s the difference between an iPhone 5s pre-order and a reservation? While a iPhone 5s pre-order would guarantee you a phone […]