iPhone 6, iPhone 5S Could Deliver Eye Tracking Tech

The iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S could feature eye tracking and head tracking controls.

The iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 could deliver eye tracking and motion controls for iOS that allow users to control the devie withotu touching it, a feature rumored for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4. Apple owns several patents relating to eye tracking and motion control of an iPhone or iPad, and a new startup is […]

AppMotion Turns iPhone & iPod Touch Into Motion Controllers for iPad

AppMotion Uses iPhone and iPod Touch As Motion Controllers for iPad

Polish startup Appvetica wants to turn the iPhone and iPod touch into motion controllers for iPad games. According to The Next Web, Appvetica created a way to use multiple iPhones or iPod touches as Wii-like controllers for the iPad. The tech uses an app called AppMotion. The developer’s apps use the gyroscope and motion sensors […]