The Netbook Naming Wars: Intel Sues Psion


Looks like Dell has some company in fighting with Psion over the Netbook name trademark issue. Intel has finally spoken out and it is in the form of a lawsuit against Psion. I guess this is a matter of timing, as Engadget says that Intel filed its suit prior to Dell’s. Even so, the claims […]

Former Psion Employee on the Psion Netbook Trademark Flap


The trademark tussle over the term Netbook continues to provide some interesting twists and turns. The latest is from David Hughes who is an ex-Psion employee as he tells a bit about how Psion let things slip through their fingers. Here’s an excerpt: I remember playing with a pre-production netBook giving my feedback as to […]

CES 2009: Psion Missing in Action

We’ve got one more day and we’re still looking, but so far, we’ve searched in every hall at the Convention Center at the Sands, and every hotel associated with CES 2009. But no Psion and no Netbooks. I’m just saying.