Apple Rearranging Earth To Fix Apple Maps, Says The Onion

Apple Maps iOS 6 Issues

While Apple is working hard to make Apple Maps more accurately depict the Earth, in The Onion’s world Apple takes a wholly different approach. According to fake news site, The Onion, Apple is taking it upon itself to change to world to fit Apple Maps instead of the other way around. This includes moving building […]

Onion Parody Gives Us Google Whisper Ads in our Ear


Very funny, and most likely because it is probably being worked on as we speak. Keep in mind the world things it can advertise anything and thereby keeps promising us free, free, free, if we’ll digest all those ads. Well this Onion parody points to Whisper Ads on the Google Phone. Yes, the phone listens […]

Onion Sendup of iPhone Worship is Hysterical


This should bring guffaws from anyone who thinks iPhone mania has gone too far, and at least chuckles from those who hold “their precious” too close to their hearts. Parody news masters at The Onion, have put together a wonderfully delicious send up of the entire iPhone craze that features the release of the new […]