• Heavy Incinerator (400 Credits)
    Developed for the Enclave’s Hellfire troopers and claimed by the Forged, the Heavy Incinerator is perfect for any pyromaniac looking for a little extra range and to inflict massive damage. This heavy duty flame launcher lobs fireballs with reckless abandon, scorching hell and earth along the way.

The Fallout 4 1.10.30 update also comes with a new player home called Shroud Manor.

  • Shroud Manor (400 Credits)
    Shroud Manor was once owned by Louie Trevisani, the foremost collector of Silver Shroud memorabilia, and by some accounts, a ruthless crime boss. Yet whatever his motivations, the proof lies inside the walls of his sprawling mansion. Only there will you find the truth behind the shroud of lies and mystery. All told Shroud Manor is a fully customizable home that adds a newly textured outfit, weapon, and over a dozen workshop items.