GBM Shortcut: Go Back In Time with Surface

Go back in time and look at the early versions of the Surface computer, including the very first prototype built using a table from Ikea. Nigel Keam, one of the original Surface team members from five years ago, takes us on the history tour.    

GBM Shortcut: How People Interact with Surface

Part of Steve Seow’s job on the Surface team is understanding how people use and interact with the Surface computer – from dragging things around to pressing buttons and more. They gather a tremendous amount of data that helps them improve the overall experience and in the end impacts what we all see, touch, and […]

Search Commands for Speech

Microsoft’s Rob Chamberlin points to a great new tool from the Office Labs team called Search Commands, which helps you find commands, options, and wizards in Office apps. Rob takes the Search Commands a bit further by developing a speech macro for it. Check it out!

“Surface” Style with the Interactive Table

A comment   came into us on one of Rob’s Surface video posts that contained a link to another company, Foresee.   They are doing some work similar to the Microsoft Surface Team.   From the video below, there are lots of similarities in the image interaction, but I am sure there are also many […]

Living the SSD Life

Lenovo’s Matt Kohut has a great article about life with an SSD and how he will never go back to spinning drives. I’m with him totally – SSD rocks: better battery life, better performances. Get the prices down and we will totally be rocking. The difference was immediate and dramatic. Boot time was cut in […]

Ahtec Tiny TN120 Tablet PC on Video

Frank ““CTitanic” Garcia has posted up a video of Ahtec’s TN120 Tablet PC form TodoUMPC.  If you’re up on your Spanish, check out the video. If not, enjoy the pictures of this 12.1” Tablet PC. There are some interesting options available for the Tiny TN120 including a Blu-Ray optical drive and up to 320GB of […]

MindJet Takes MindManager Online

I wonder if Kevin Tofel will give this a try with his ‘Computing in the Cloud’ challenge. MindJet, maker of the excellent MindManager mind mapping software, is heading into the cloud. MindJet Connect allows online collaboration for MindManager users with three different versions and price levels. (Click on the image below for a larger version.) […]

GBM Shortcut: Inside the Surface Testing Labs

While meeting with the Surface team yesterday, I got an inside look at how the team stress tests their applications using automation tools and robotics. Testing a multi-touch system presents a lot of challenges, especially simulating lots of fingers interacting with the system at one time. Robin Lim and Ritchie Hughes, Software Dev Engineers in […]

ritePen Discount Just for GBM Readers

Most of our readers caught the news about RitePen version 3 being released.  If you missed it, check out these videos for some great demos: ritePen Overview ritePen 3.0 pen Macros advanced dictionary Well, we have some great news for our readers. For the next 30 days, GBM readers can get RitePen for $19.95 – […]

GBM Shortcut: HTC Shift as a Companion

This is a quick video I shot with the HTC Shift I have had for a couple of weeks.   I am looking for a device to complement a regular work issued laptop.  I need something more powerful for daily work, but I don’t want to give up the Tablet PC functionality.  This video takes a […]

Live Mesh Gets Some Bugs Fixed

In an e-mail last night there was a notification that Live Mesh had been updated to take care of some bug fixes.  Here at GBM, we have been using Live Mesh for some of the things we do for the site.  Transferring files to each other has become easier, plus having everything in a central […]

GBM Shortcut: Geotagging Pictures On the Surface

One of my "ah-ha" moments came during this presentation of an app written by Bogdan Popp, a Test Lead on the Surface team, during his "free time". This app spreads all of your photos over a geographical map according to their gps positioning that was stored when the picture was taken, and also allows you […]

Meet the Surface Team

I’ve made several trips to Microsoft in the past years, but I think this most recent one to visit with the Surface team ranks up there as one of the best. Folks, this Surface team is totally awesome and is focused like a laser beam on delivering the best user experience ever for a totally […]

Dual Touchscreen Screen Presenter PSR Getting Closer?

We’ve seen this before, but it looks like the dual touchscreen Presenter PSR is getting closer to market. According to this Crave article the device is now undergoing trials in the US and Europe. The two screen device is designed for presentations with the presenter using the 7 inch screen to control the presentation while […]

MIDs Coming Soon From Samsung and LG?

We’re certainly anxious to see if this comes to be. According to Aving, (that link is down at the moment) both Samsung and LG are getting close to shipping their Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs). Samsung (who was the biggest presence in the UMPC space) might be pushing their Snapdragon powered MID out the door in […]

Laptop Mag Reviews the Asus Eee PC 1000H

Laptop Mag has been on a tear with reviews of some of the new ultra-sub-mini-net-low cost portables. They’ve posted a review (first I’ve seen) of the Asus Eee 1000H PC by Joanna Stern that begins with a great analogy to Russian nesting dolls. Anyone who can work a reference to matryoshkas into a tech review […]

The Napkin PC Concept Scores a Prize

Try this on for a concept. At the fourth Microsoft sponsored Next-Gen PC Design Competition, Avery Holleman, a student took home first place. His design is described as a “multi-user, multi-interface, modular computer designed for creative professionals to collaborate and bring their greatest ideas to life.” The interface is very simple. Some pens and some napkins. […]

Add a TouchScreen to Your iMac

Well, if you want to use touch on your iMac, I guess there is now a way to do so. Troll Touch has created a user installable touchscreen option for both 20” and 24” aluminum iMacs. The price for touch isn’t cheap as the 20” kit will cost you $699 and the 24” kit $899. […]

Dragon on sale until June 30 (some versions only)

I received an email earlier today that shows Nuance is  discounting Dragon Professional and Legal versions for 50% until June 30.  Sale prices are 499.99 for the Professional and 695.00 for the Legal.  Here is the site:  Hope some of you will take advantage after reading about how useful speech recognition can be.